Saturday, December 05, 2020

The Luka State - Feel It single review

Four piece Cheshire indie rock band The Luka State, have released their newest track Feel It. The band have had a busy year in terms of their musical releases and although fans can’t see them live on tour due to the pandemic they are being given a steady stream of new music to keep them going with the band having released 6 singles and 2 EP’s since the beginning of the year and it couldn’t feel more needed than it does in 2020. 

The new single Feel It, is the Tarek Musa Mix version of the title track from their EP of the same name earlier in the year. The remix takes the original song and give it an extra kick behind it to make it into an even more impressive power anthem than it originally was. 

The remix of the band’s original song has emphasised the live performance potential of the track. This song is one you can already imagine listening to at a live show of the bands. Whilst listening to the song you can already picture yourself surrounded by fellow music lovers bodies tightly packed together as the intended vibrations of the heavy backing beat is played and as it blares through the speakers of the stage and bounces off the walls hitting every inch of your body and getting under your skin. The track conjures up images in the mind of the electricity of the songs vibes buzzing through the room as the audience moves in unison the floor shaking beneath their feet. 

This newest release from The Luka State is a must listen for those familiar with their music and those who’ve never heard from the band before. It’s an addictive hit that you can’t help but enjoy with its euphoric and almost trippy feeling vibes it’s a song that you can listen to and just enjoy it in the moment without having to overthink it. 

-Georgina Shine


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