Saturday, December 05, 2020

ROSEHIP TEAHOUSE - Summer Sleep single/EP review

Cardiff 5 piece ROSEHIP TEAHOUSE who’s musical talents range from indie to alternative to bedroom pop are back with their new EP Summer Sleep. The EP is an emotionally touching artistic journey through a personal experience of lead member Faye Rogers who sets her open soul to a beautiful backdrop of sound for listeners to share in. 

The songs first and title track is Summer Sleep, the song almost feels like a form of lullaby with its soothing sounds mixed with high pitched notes that sound almost like the sounds you’d expect to find within a music box and combined with the falsetto vocals the song is somewhat relaxing and peaceful. 

The soothing nature of the song is in contrast with its lyrical content which is a story of heartache and pain at the loss of love and the realisation that the relationship is over. However, the sound of the song paired with its lyrics give the impression that the song is a form of therapy and a way to heal and with the soothing sounds it’s a way to vent the sadness and to also lull and numb the pain even if it’s just for a little while. The song is a stroke of genius in that whilst the meaning behind the song is based on heartache and sadness, the song itself doesn’t particularly feel like a sad song. 

A million times continues on with the slower and relaxed feel of the EP but also has a slight edge of power and emotive release behind it with the addition of electronic guitar and small rock style vibes to it. It’s a song of hardship of love and the difficulties of having a partner you love so much who doesn’t seem to appreciate you or feel the same way and the struggle with dealing with this problem. The frustration is seen within the lyrics ‘I don’t know what it is that you need’ showing the desire to be what their partner wants because they love them but not knowing what they can do to be that person. The struggle then continues with the efforts of the partner in ‘and it scares me to think that I reshape myself a million times to work it out’ with the desperation to make it work and to do anything for the person you love; then comes the realisation that it’s a fight that can’t be won with the lyric ‘I doubt you’d change for anyone but I still change for everyone’ with the showing of effort being one sided in the relationship and with the lack of effort comes the lack of love. The frustration is echoed within the sock with its slight increase in power sounding undertones but still having the slower vibe of the overall EP. 

The EP closes with the track I meant what I said, which has the indie pop feel but it’s got a bit more beat and thought it still feels chilled it’s also the sort of song you could ‘vibe’ too with an infectious beat that gets heads bopping along.  But like the other songs there is still the underlying sadness lyrically with the likes of ‘I’ve been running away like I always do’, ‘I didn’t want to hurt you’ and ‘I understand if this has to be the end’ demonstrating the difficult end of a relationship and the hardships of facing up to your problems. The acknowledgement of the personal faults in always wanting to run away when things get difficult instead of confronting them because it’s too scary, combined with the apology of loving someone so much you didn’t want to hurt them even if you did so, and finally the realisation and acceptance that it has to end and the chapter has to be closed no matter how painful or difficult and the use of ‘understand’ in the lyric shows that although it’s not the outcome that is wanted, their is the awareness that the outcome is needed even if that is difficult to accept. 

Overall, the EP is a fascinating piece to listen to and appreciate it because it should be expected to be a dark and ‘sad sounding’ set of songs and yet it isn’t. Sonically the band have created an emotional journey that creates an almost out of body experience musically with its 3 beautifully arranged songs that just take you away from reality for a little while and whilst telling a story of hardship and heartache it doesn’t leave you feeling the sadness and the pain it just leaves you with a feeling of floating and lightness, something which is no mean feat and incredibly commendable on the bands behalf. 

-Georgina Shine


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