Wednesday, December 02, 2020

Punctual - I don’t wanna know - single review

The British DJ/producer duo Punctual have returned with their newest single  - I don’t wanna know - which is the artists rework of the hit originally made famous by well known R&B star Mario. 

With their combined musical skills and intuitive sense of what works, the duo have been able to take the intense and emotional early noughties R&B classic hit and bringing it right back into the public consciousness giving it a modern day 2020 take. They’ve been able to capture the emotional essence of the original song whilst also making it an electronic club classic. 

The song feels like a much needed addition to the music scene in the current climate as due to the present day times with a global pandemic and lockdown confining people to their homes, it means that the nights spent on the dance floors of nightclubs are a no go. But with their new single, Punctual have found a way to bring the ambience and the feelings of a night out to anyone anywhere and you can turn your own home into a nightclub dance floor with this song. 

The duo have kept the emotional intensity of the song with the deep bass/baritone sounds of the re-recorded vocals whilst also adding the electro and dance club vibes with a heavy and pounding bassline and upbeat electro synth sounds over the top. The song is very much one to turn all the way up and dance to, with the booming bassline being the sort of sounds you can feel in your bones, it’s a song that is meant to be felt as well as heard, it’s symphony of sound is what designed to send the vibrations right through your body and get you feeling the song from your head to your feet. 

This song is built for the speakers on the dance floor of a club as the heavy beats and vibrations course through the dancing bodies getting lost in the sound and even though that’s not possible to make a reality at this given moment, the duos single has created a song that can still conjure those feelings and experiences in the living rooms and bedrooms of its listeners if they just use a little creative imagination. 

- Georgina Shine


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