Thursday, December 03, 2020


“Scouse Americana” best describes Red Rum Club’s exotic sound and with the release of their new album ‘The Hollow of Humdrum’ they’ve elevated this unique take on Alt-Rock to a whole new level. 

Coming from Liverpool, a city with a history rich in supplying some outstanding bands, it may appear a daunting task to try and create something that stands out amongst the rest. Red Rum Club do this effortlessly. 

The moment I heard their track ‘Would you rather be lonely’ I was immediately hooked. The combination of the catchy guitar riff and the powerful trumpet just leaves you completely amazed...

Alongside the song, the video they released is a perfect representation of them and the city of Liverpool, displaying the importance of community to a city. To this day I have never heard of a band like them. Their ability to merge various genres of music just shows their  talent as musicians, and their ability to fill a room and get people dancing just shows their presence as a band is simply mesmerising. 

Their debut album ‘Matador’ was released in 2019 and it remains a solid favourite of mine to this day. The opening track ‘Angeline’ reminds me of something that should feature on the sound track to a film with Leonardo DiCaprio in. I can also imagine this being a great song to start with live, setting the tone perfectly for the rest of the night. While each song on the record follows this Americana rhythm they make sure each song has a slightly different twist to it. For example, ‘Hung Up’ a song with a beautiful bass line has a completely different tone to the likes of ‘Calexico’ which is fronted with a great trumpet section. This just shows their ability to create an album with so much depth and variety, that caters to a range of people.

Bringing the music together is lead singer Fran with a voice that compliments this style of music beautifully. He has an edge which allows him to add a certain type of grit to some of the songs, the likes of ‘Casanova’ where you can also hear a Liverpudlian twang come through, which in my opinion adds immense depth to the music. He also has a soft side to his voice, ‘TV Said So’ for me is a good example of this. You can notice the change in his voice to suit the mood of the song. A fantastic musician. This also goes for the five other members of the band who are all immensely talented.

Considering the current climate it can’t be easy for anyone in the music industry, Red Rum Club however, haven’t allowed this to get in the way of the release of their second album, ‘The Hollow of Humdrum’. This album is a fantastic example of their ability as a band to create music that is fresh and exciting with every new release. Their new single ‘Eleanor’ I have to say is one of my ultimate favourites. Such an upbeat song with the happiest of lyrics which immediately puts you in the best mood, what more could you want from a song. Joe Corby’s trumpet sections are among some of the most satisfying things I’ve ever heard. ‘The Elevation’ and ‘Kids Addicted’ are two good examples in which the trumpet is a stand out feature. It compliments all the other instruments in a way that is so unbelievably satisfying on the ears. I would probably say the feature of a trumpet on their tracks is what really sets them apart from other bands at the moment. 

I would advise anyone reading to go and give them a listen and I can promise you won’t regret it. I throughly look forward to seeing Red Rum Club grow and develop and I’m intrigued to see where they go next. A band so unique it would be a mistake not to keep an eye on them.

- Catherine Frediani

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