Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Pale Waves - New single release ‘Change’

Pale Waves, a Manchester based quartet which has been bringing indie-pop to your ears since 2014, albeit under another title. Originally /‘Creek’/ however after releasing early demos the band signed with British independent record label dirty hit in 2017 they grew into /‘Pale Waves’./

Their debut single ‘/There’s A Honey’/ is complemented with the follow up of alternative bittersweet anthems such as /‘Change’/, the band’s first release since their debut album ‘/My Mind Makes Noises/’ which was released in 2018. 

Following the theme of obsessions over break-ups and potential make-ups of their debut album, Pale Waves offers up a goth-pop ballad that will have you singing along to the aftermath of heartbreak.  

Heather Baron-Graicie as always approaches these angst riddled topics with a signet of tongue-in-cheek statements throughout. (“Now you act like I’m nobody, but still wanna go down on me”) /‘Change’/ brings you the upbeat 80’s backing track that’s favourable by the group & carries the essence of your favourite 90’s and noughties artists. Trickles of ‘/Avril Lavigne’/, ‘/Natalie Imbruglia/’ and ‘/The Cure’/ flow throughout whilst pulling on relatable tropes and tearful thoughts.  (“Why did everything just suddenly change? We were lying naked the other day.”) iconically finishing off each concept with a dash of debauchery when describing her experiences with heartache. Which is very on brand for the dark, angsty and utterly romantic essence of the group.

Now a popular food for thought if you haven’t done your research, would be that Gracie could in fact be Matt Healy’s long-lost sister, perhaps someone aught to send a hair strand or a swab of spit away and get some facts. But the 1975’s front mans influence can be so fragrantly seen across the band and front woman HBG as he previously produced the group’s first album, not a huge surprise with the collaboration as they are both signed under /‘Dirty Hit’/.

Change’s release comes ahead of the quartets new album ‘/Who Am I’/ consisting of 11 tracks is due for release 12 February 2021. Sure to be filled with more tracks fuelled by Gracie’s idiosyncratic writing and views upon relationships. Which will be available to every goth-pop hipsters delight on not only vinyl but also cassette, if you happen to be old enough to know what that is.

— Patricia Poulton

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