Tuesday, November 24, 2020

MEET... Slaves

British punk with harsh bluesy garage riffs, punk-rock duo bombshell Slaves are a matchless musical experience that have rocked Reading & Leeds festival stages, sold out 02 Academies and left their BBC Live Lounge Sessions with hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube. Isaac Holman and Laurie Vincent formed Slaves in 2012 in Royal Tunbridge Wells and continue to create raw and mind—bending music.

With three albums out, Slaves have a lot of music for you to stream and have you drumming along to (on any flat surface you can find). Some track recommendations from each album would be: “The Hunter” from Are You Satisfied? (2015), “Steer Clear” from Take Control (2016), and “Chokehold” from Acts of Fear And Love. (The duo’s debut album, Are You Satisfied? reached no.8 in its first week on the UK album charts, was nominated for the 2015 Mercury Music Prize, and was re-released as a deluxe album.)

When touring and performing at festivals, Slaves’ unmatchable onstage energy creates a dynamic visual experience that any festivalgoer will throw a pint to. It’s a sight to see, a shirtless and sweaty lead vocalist, Isaac Holman, skilfully and aggressively pounding his stand-up skeleton drumkit alongside guitarist Laurie Vincent, who’s bounding across the stage and playing with an almost earthquake starting vigour.

An honourable mention for Slaves would be their BBC Live Lounge Cover of grime artist, Skepta’s song “Shutdown” (found on YouTube) where Slaves has taken a well-known and past lyric rap and remoulded it into a punk-rock belter. The cover is packed with rock riffs and lad-like British humour when re-enacting the phone complaint part of the song, a must watch.

Another honourable mention for the rocking duo will be the products you can purchase from their merch store. Alongside the expected t-shirts, hoodies, and badges, you can also get your hands on some unexpected and charming items such as branded air fresheners, sweatbands, and water bottles.

Slaves has not released any current tour dates but with their most recent album releasing in 2018, hopefully we will be expecting some new music from Slaves soon.

Follow Slaves on Twitter and stream their music on all music streaming platforms.

- Ruth Mukonoweshuro


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