Wednesday, November 11, 2020

MEET: Field Medic

Field Medic is a modern folk artist hailing from San Francisco California. Most of his songs are self released, with lyrical content spanning from flowery romance to pits of depression, but with a strong commonality: truth. “Any song that’s true is a good song in my mind” he said to Run For Cover Records, with which he debuted his latest full-length release titled Fade Into The Dawn. This comes following his compilation album Songs From The Sunroom, a self-recorded collection of songs from up to five years back. 

I first encountered Field Medic in May of 2019. It was Spring Fling, an annual alternative music festival in Ohio, and I was hanging out at the smaller of the two stages the Agora has to offer. Settling down after Seeyouspacecowboy finished a brutal set, I looked to see a skinny boy with a reddish mullet walking onto stage. Confused, I stared on as he set down what seemed to be a cassette player on a tall wooden stool, and tuned an acoustic guitar.

The set that followed is to this day one of the most captivating live shows I’ve ever seen. He didn’t dance, there was no color changing lights or even another person. It was just him and his guitar, and a cassette player he’d pop a cassette into for each song, plugged into the PA. It was naked, honest and true; and it was incredible.

Each song carried personality, more personality than people I’d met. It was as if he had opened up his diary, and read it on stage; I’d never known lyrics to be so poetic, as finger picked guitar and punchy beats framed it with jagged beauty. and as he got up to leave, I frantically checked the show's lineup, because I’d be damned if that was the last I’d seen of him.

Grant Santoscoy

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