Wednesday, November 11, 2020

APRE – ‘Always In My Head’ Mini Album Review

Those who listen to indie and alternative pop music have an album that they can always stick on to lift their mood and escape from reality. APRE’S mini album ‘Always In My Head’ does exactly that. The latest release from the indie pop duo, Charlie Brown and Jules Konieczny, combines a light-hearted indie sound with electric music to create a sound which is uniquely “APRE”. The artwork perfectly reflects the escapist vibe of the album.

The record kicks off with ‘Bad Boys’, which sets a light-hearted and happy tone to the album. This is the kind of song which would be played at full volume in a film as the main character drives around at dark with the windows down. As the song goes on, it stays just as enjoyable to listen to and as said in the lyrics the “serotonin keeps on giving”.  It is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

A fan favourite off the album would have to be the penultimate song ‘Is That Really What You Live For?’, which is best described as the child of MGMT and Two Door Cinema Club. This song perfectly encapsulates an almost 80s style electro sound and lyricism which screams that sense of nostalgic adventure; “I was young and free now listen to me, times are always hard when there’s nowhere to be. Is that really what you live for?” The way this song builds is especially exciting, and it goes without saying that this song would make a perfect addition to a festival or gig setlist.  

‘Live It Up’ and ‘Without Your Love’ were released as singles from the album and gave fans a taste of what they can look forward to with ‘Always In My Head’. ‘Live It Up’, along with its music video, gave fans an insight into how APRE have perfected their sound. It explores the more electric side to their sound and is exactly what a feel-good hit should sound like. “Without Your Love” demonstrates the depths of the duo’s music ability and really shows how APRE have developed and grown as a band. This song is just begging you to get up and dance despite the lyrics juxtaposing this seemingly uplifting song; “Without your love, we’re miles apart so go take your love and leave me in the dark.”

The closing track to the mini album, “Grab My Hand”, is the perfect bittersweet ending to the record. The lyricism in the verses seems almost melancholic but it’s juxtaposed by the subtle optimism of the chorus: “Well this life we choose, it ain’t always boring. Grab my hand and let’s go talk it out. The sun will always come out.” The guitar solo in this song is one of the highlights off the album and brings ‘Always In My Head’ to a perfect close.

APRE’s ‘Always In My Head’ mini album is full of exciting indie/alternative pop bangers. This album is destined to go down well at festivals when it’s possible again. If you’re looking for a feel-good experimental indie album to help you escape from reality, at least for a little while, then this is the album for you. ‘Always In My Head’ is released Friday 6th November 2020 and is available to stream on Spotify and Apple Music and/or to buy a copy of the album on vinyl, CD, or cassette on the band’s merch store.

- Zoe Wheeler 


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