Thursday, October 15, 2020

Touché Amore - Reminders Single Review

Surprisingly, “reminders” by Touché Amore was significant enough for me that it appeared in my dream, the video was not like the actual video at all, and the song was much slower but it was the same song. My memory of this dream made me wake up in a confusion because it’s not how I perceived the song earlier. I had to double check by going back on youtube to see if it’s pets or devils with melting flesh. It’s not even that I dislike devils with melting flesh but the confusion was unpleasant. I don't know if it's fair to make a conclusive opinion on a song after weaving the song through a dream experience.

However, it’ll be hard for me to separate the observations of the song in my dream and try not to see what it is of the actual song that lucidified into this alternative. 

The song in itself is not so inspirational for us to instinctively be positive and properly interspect even the little things such as your pet to grow a sense of gratitude. The video needed to do that, and almost entirely did. Although probably the song wasn’t made so, it most likely wasn’t made as a declaration of gratitude towards your life and pets, but an expression of your ability to know how to survive your loneliness while introspecting if there even are those aspects in your life to be reminiscent of.  For many people there truly are those memories, people and places that pull them through reality, but there’s a possibility that this song was birthed out of the lack of this feeling. It could easily not be the reality, one just sometimes feels lonely, just utterly lonely. Not even the past can provide pleasant company, but at this point one might even just need “reminders good or bad”. To even ask “Is there a way to feel free/ Without being someone else?” breathes out an awareness of wanting to accept their loneliness and stop trying to hold so tightly onto experiences, especially when using photographs as physical reminders to “reinvent the past” better than it was. To stop trying to clutch so hard. That to me seems most probable because I don't believe anyone is so capable to grasp onto a positive gratitude so instinctively. 

When you first close yourself off into “Reminder” it may seem aggressive, and you listen to the words then it seems depressing, but you then watch the video and its motivating, then when listening to the song again you start to more easily notice the more bubbly underlying essence of the instrumentals. However I assume the lyrics came first, and then the development of the song and lastly the video. It may be critical to say that being positive with it just doesn’t allow enough exploration into our negativity, I smell fear when I listen to the song, an avoidance to confront loneliness.

If Touché Amore were to juice out the fruits of the lyrics, you’d have a deeper taste but by adding something bubbly you don’t experience the tartness that lingers. The desire for that deeper taste might have expressed itself in my dream the way it did. The images written down in the lyrics, could’ve been aided in next steps of the song development to paint a more coherent image. With ‘shotgun’(s), collapsing worlds and ‘knee-jerks’ you’ve created room or more emphasis that’s not been done. Maybe the melting devils wouldn’t liberate “reminders” either but it was only a dream and probably shouldn’t be taken seriously. 

- Yamini V


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