Friday, October 16, 2020

Opening Of Future Yard: She Drew The Gun

 Live music is back and we couldn’t be happier about it! 

Saturday the 19 th of September, saw the opening of Future Yards, an all-new music venue in Birkenhead, Wirral.

The converted nightclub boasts amazing acoustics and a contemporary vibe unlike any other venue. However, this is not just a venue for gigs. ‘Sound Check’ is a programme ran by the team, offering practice spaces and training programmes for aspiring musicians.

Future Yards is the epitome of the ideal independent venue and an absolute asset to the Merseyside music community !

What is a socially distanced gig like ?

Opening in the middle of a global pandemic is not the ideal scenario for any live music venue owner; however, the Future Yard team put an emphasis on customer safety from the offset:

 You are given a time staggered time slot to arrive on your ticket, as to avoid excessive numbers of people outside

 As you enter, the owner, gives you a brief on safety implications within the venue

 You are stood in a pod (of 1-4) with those you bought your tickets with. So make sure to buy your tickets on the same booking as your mates!

 Masks must be worn at all times within the venue (unless within your pod)

 Hygiene is promoted within all areas

 All guests were respectful of one another’s space!

The maximum capacity of the venue is 350 however, the team are so dedicated to your safety while bringing back live music, there are only 60 people at each gig. So, if you do get a ticket, you are lucky enough to attend a intimate show with some major bands!

How were She Drew the Gun?

Fittingly, the venue was opened by Wirral based She Drew the Gun, playing on home turf. If you aren’t already a fan, this group is a prime example of the resurgence of politically gendered bands: tackling faults within our society with their melodic psych pop tunes. The solidarity between the band is electric to watch. After months of gig-less weeks, it was almost euphoric to feel music loud enough to shake your bones again; and this unity was apparent within the entire audience.

Due to the uniqueness of the experience, lead singer of the band, Louisa Roach, shared an exclusive poem celebrating independent venue week. Despite its humorous elements, the importance of this certainly resonated.

The event was finally closed with a galvanizing cover of ‘Sweet Harmony’ by the Beloved-from which we learnt, your pod is big enough to dance in!

The new normal is not as alien as you expect.

Go support your local independent venues and help the music industry before it’s too late!

Upcoming gigs at future yards:

 Super Cool Drawing Machine, 12.11

 Black Country, New Road, 23.02

 Marthagunn, 05.03

 Henge, 12.03

 Orchestral manoeuvres in the dark, 03.04

- Mollie German


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