Saturday, October 17, 2020

Theodor Black - Indigo Review

Up and coming producer, lyricist and all-round artist Theodor Black returns with contemplative single Indigo, anticipating his new EP ‘GARÇON’ landing on November 5th 

Indigo is an outpour of realness and emotion; Black’s pensive vocals lean against a melancholic guitar loop, capturing a feeling of peaceful surrender to whatever life has in store. The beat is a masterpiece of taste and minimalism, leaving space for the listener to develop a real connection to the lyrics. With its cross-genre and hybrid sonorities spacing from indie to lo-fi hip-hop, Indigo becomes a confirmation of authenticity and talent, shining a light on the South London artist as one of the most promising acts of 2020.  

This track is an unfiltered commentary on Black’s everyday life: approaching themes of mental health, relationships and race, Indigo paints a vivid picture of his struggle to push through a challenging time during which the author was forced out of his comfort zone and had to overcome deep personal insecurities. Listening to Black’s work for the first time, I was immediately captured by the simplicity of the imagery and the profoundness of the lyricism: there’s something inherently hermetic about his music, a chance for whoever is listening to face their own dilemmas through someone else’s words.  

It doesn’t happen often to come across an artist truly capable of capturing the sentiments of a new generation, but it feels like Theodore Black is rising to the challenge with every release: do check out his remarkable debut album ‘Black Boy Blues’ and ‘SUB CULTURE’, a powerful single highlighting the reality of racism in modern England.  

We’re extremely excited to observe Black on his future musical journey and you should be too: Make sure you stream ‘Indigo’ on all major platforms and follow @theodorblack on social media.

- Matilde Mirotti


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