Saturday, October 17, 2020

An Interview with Luna Pines

She Can’t See Me is a track which lends itself to endless remixes - it’s smooth, deliciously layered, with barely there vocals lamenting a broken love. It’s the track you’d listen to as the dancefloor is about to close; The 1975 esque love-sick nostalgia with a tightly orchestrated production and a solid beat perfect for that half-sad last dance.

Luna Pines are fairly new onto the Leeds music scene, with their niche fusing pop and alternative dance music in an inedible way clearly apparent on this single, with She Can’t See Me standing out from the onslaught of creative work the duo has recently released due to it’s subtle depth, working to merge dream pop synth with an electronic house sound in a way that really shouldn’t work... but weirdly does...

I really love this track!! - How did it get created? What was the energy that you were trying to put into it?


Thanks! I started writing it with my friend Thomas Trueman (Dokkodo Sounds, Laminate Pet Animal) and he had this kind of housey beat with sidechained chopped vocals and I really loved the idea of trying an ambient house infused tune. I listen to a lot of instrumental music like Tourist & Tycho that, mixed with a more dream poppy sound was kind of what I was going for. It was a really easy song to write, I actually had the melody and lyrics way before the music was ever there.

2. How is this track different to your other works released?


I think this is just a totally different vibe. I think a lot of that comes from the beat, a lot of the time our music has very complicated intricate drum parts, and this tune kind of flipped it around where the drums were simple and it was more the layered synth parts that gave it the depth it has. I think vocal wise it's a lot simpler than our other tunes too.

3. Who are some of the influences on your sound right now?


I grew up listening to modern punk bands like Jawbreaker and The Gaslight Anthem, and I think you can hear that in our music in the melodies and structures. But sonically most of our influence is taken from acts like The Japanese House, Tycho, Tourist and post rock bands like Explosions In The Sky & This Will Destroy You.

4. What do you think you bring to the music scene?


I think there's not really an act like us at the moment. I think you can see that especially live. There's so much going on but only two of us (I play guitar/synths and sing live and Rob plays Drums and sample pads). Also I produce, mix and master everything we do as well as producing for other bands, and unfortunately there aren't many females doing all that at the moment in this genre.

5. Can we expect to hear more music soon, and can you give us a little description of what we can expect?


Yes! Obviously with COVID right now we're not gigging, but we've written about 50 new songs over lock down and have so much ready to go. New music will be out soon!

Listen to the track here.

Chloe Johnson

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