Friday, October 30, 2020

Johnny Lloyd 'Suze' Review

Johnny Lloyd has just released his new single ‘Suze’ which is taken from his new album ‘Cheap Medication’

Lloyd’s new song has a certain charm and simplistic elegance to it with its acoustic overtones interspersed with a panpipe solo and the sound of joyous and uplifting bird song. 

The single is taken from Lloyd’s new album ‘Cheap Medication’ which feels fitting given the single. The album title itself could be taken as a pseudonym for music as a whole because for so many people music is a cure and a getaway from pain or other emotions and it’s a medication not only for the artists but also for the listeners and in this case, ‘Suze’ feels very much like a cheap medication as it possesses a theraputic sound and quality which is there for the listeners. 

The single is very much a song of easy listening, the acoustic guitar gives the impression of a laidback and relaxed approach from the artist which is translated to the listener and its acoustic sounds make for a very chilled out vibe. When paired with the smooth and easy on the ear vocals from Lloyd, it becomes a kind of go to song with its combination of relaxed but upbeat energy. It’s the kind of song that invokes images of a warm summers day, you can imagine yourself basking in the sun with a gentle cooling breeze in the air and this song in the background as you lay back and forget about the world and it’s worries for a while.

For so many people, they like to turn to music as a means of escape and therapy and this song feels exactly the thing a person needs, it embodies a therapeutic escape because it helps to relax and put you at ease but it also gives you that little boost too. 

It’s the sort of song you can listen to at anytime and anywhere; be it late at night to help your mind escape and relax, to wake yourself up in the morning by easing you into the day with a smile, or you could even put this on as a background song to just fill the empty noise; it invokes feelings of ease for your mind and soul, and it helps to relax you with its acoustic rhythms but it’s additions of panpipe solos, bird song and the upbeat tempo also help to perk the song up and give listeners a little extra pep and a spring in their step. ‘Suze’ is very much a song for the soul, it’s a feel good anthem. 

- Georgina Shine 


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