Saturday, October 31, 2020

Exit Kid 'Bleary Eyed' Review

London duo Exit Kid, made up of Years & Years  Emre Türkmen and drummer Dylan Bell, dropped a new track entitled ‘Bleary Eyed’. A stark confrontation of the inadequacy of the British government with regards to the lockdown period. 

Frontman Emre dramatically states that he “wrote Bleary Eyed in the middle of the Great British Lockdown, having consumed a daily-dose of Boris Johnson’s Covid briefings, and watched in horror as Trump found a hidden sixth-gear of madness across the pond”. The song clearly has two main comedic targets, bolstered by the meme-driven music video satirizing the whole situation. 

The sound is unapologetically punk, taking elements from grunge and Britpop as well, Emre’s distorted voice dripping with sarcasm and annoyance. The stark and steady guitar riffs punctuate the versus making each lyrical bite hit that much harder. The chorus then steps in with slacker-rock sounds, sustained strums and drawled out vowels, pointing to just how tired the artists are of the political situation in question: “I’m in Overload”. 

The track can't be separated from the accompanying music video which is a collage of flashing memes with both Johnson's and Trump's images interlacing throughout, pointing at the absurdity of their promises and failed leadership. 

It is the opposite of subtle, and harks back to the good old punk-driven days of the 90s in its content and straightforward musical structure. It is a protest, a criticism, and a cry for change.

- Alina Naza

Photo Credit: Tristan Bejwan

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