Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Wings Of Desire announce debut single ‘001’

The first of a trilogy breaking down social structures and asking WHY…

Wings Of Desire hold the ideas of social philosophy and art in the centre of their work. They look into the current broken modern world and show hope in the sea of toxic cultures. Named after the 1987 German movie; Der Himmel über Berlin or in English; Wings Of Desire a romantic fantasy film; where an angel looks over the whole of humans in Berlin, listening to their thoughts, watching their lives of isolation and love.

It’s clear that the London-based duo take lots of inspiration from this film and the idea for their first song – ‘001’. The band takes art, hopeful whimsy and philosophical ideas close to their chest. The band takes a large amount of their influence from Noam Chomsky’s work ‘Manufacturing Consent’; which proposed that media had effectively become system-supportive propaganda. Which can be seen clear as day in our current system with Brexit, Fake News and Russian hackers. 001 break’s down the feeling we all get in our system currently, an overwhelming sense of hopelessness and lack of clear direction in our planets direction but the song also blends LOVE into its narrative and suggest the idea that maybe we aren’t lost. With catchy high-hat and clean drums tracking you through the song, it’s clear the production of the song is 100%. But to me it’s too clean, the idea they are dealing with need to be messier and more chaotic to mirror the message. I would also like to see more of the band’s own identity in their next releases.

Also with two more songs trying to cover society’s ills, have they bitten more off than they can chew? The song is a catchy pop song; I can’t disagree with that but it strays too far off the path to clearly deliver the message, the band wants to send. We will have to wait and see what the other two single releases show from this band; which have potential.

- Elliot Gibson


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