Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Make Friends New Single

It’s taken me several days to put this together ~ partly because of life, but mostly because I had trouble finding MY words to do justice for these four guys from Bristol. I played the song loud and soft and everywhere in the middle. Intimate is the best word I can come up with.

The smooth sounds of Make Friends’ “Hesitate”, easily draws listeners in with light, nimble “guitaring” and the fairly constant rhythm of drums. The easy-listening lyrics sometimes gets lost when the voice drops to almost a mumble. I’m left guessing “I can be the one that saves you, fails you or tells you.

I can imagine playing it on a drive or walking down the street and be rewarded with a little synchronicity playing out before my eyes.

Hear it for yourself. When you do, you might find a bit of nostalgia, as I did. Tapping into the vein of the great 80’s bands, Hesitate is a sound that can go anywhere ~ like a T-shirt and a gently-worn pair of Dungarees. It’s a song that can slip into any decade, from the 60’s onward, and still belong.

I was having a blast listening to the song ~ then I read David Thomas explain the song is about the personal struggle when dealing with a friend’s addiction. But, like all art, once it’s out in the world, the individual audience members decide for themselves what it’s about and how they react. I hear this as two people dancing around the idea of becoming intimate. Whatever the case, grab a partner, hold tight and get your groove on.

- Jesus Beltran II




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