Friday, September 25, 2020

Must listen to album: Funky Kingston by Toots And The Maytals

In light of the recent passing of the legendary Frederick Nathaniel ‘Toots’ Hibbert, this week’s must listen album is – Funky Kingston, by reggae and ska group Toots and the Maytals. The 1973 album is a true classic within the reggae genre - perfect for those looking to explore and expand their music taste. 

It boasts solid funky rhythms across all songs, most particularly within their better tunes; ‘Louie Louie’ and ‘Pressure Drop’. The charm of this album, is not just within the soul of Toots’ vocals, but in its appropriateness for all occasions: be it Sunday morning whilst making your pancakes to listening as your Motivational Monday tracks. 

Ultimately, Toots’ album is both a mood lifter as well as a reflective piece of art.

A common stereotype of reggae music as a whole, is its association to relaxation and lack of worries. However, this album is perfect representation of the added layers it is capable of disguising; both connecting with the working class people whilst portraying strong revolutionary messages. 

The theme of Funky Kingston is something that should be reflected upon under our current social climate: celebrating life regardless of hardship !

- Mollie German


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