Saturday, September 26, 2020

Fever: Honesty - Single Review

It’s not difficult to tell if something is good or bad. When you take a bite of food, either you let out a moan of orgasmic delight, or your face sucks itself in with sour disgust. It’s the same thing when it comes to food for the soul –music. This is how I tell if a song is good or not. 

Put the song on and let it play out. Now occupy yourself with something else. In fact try to not to pay any attention to the song itself. Open Instagram, Whatsapp your friends. Get lost in your own mind. 

If you find yourself, unconsciously, nodding your head to the lyrics and bobbing on your bed to the rhythm then you know the song is good one. When it seamlessly seeps into your soul and brings your inner child to to life.

For me this method takes times to work. I usually have to loop the song about three or four times. Or sneak it in to a playlist and see if my musical radar picks up on it as it comes on unexpectedly. However for Honesty by Fever, it took all but 10 seconds of playing the song, for my head to bop to the beat. This was a shock to me because I have no acquaintance to the band, and if I’m being brutally honest, to the genre as a whole itself.

But what better way to peak through the door into the house of UK Indie rock than with this song, and with those instruments, and with this band.

Honesty and Fever start off slow, but it’s not how start it’s how you finish. And with only a few chords in, you are catapulted into Indie rock hysteria by a roar of instruments and vocals. The song itself addresses the trials and tribulations of relationships. It asks the question we all ask ourselves once the frustrations of early relationship coy become unbearable -either we keep playing these silly games, or we can be honest and see what happens.

I’m a fan. I’ll admit I’ve only dipped my toes and not yet wet my beak. But if you want to get some honesty, Honesty is a radio song, tightly produced, well sung and fine played. Fever, the 4-piece rock band show a lot of promise, and are succeeding on their mission as global Indie rock ambassadors of the city of Hull. I’m a fan of this band.

Ali Fawaz

Instagram: @_thewritewords & @aliifawazz

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