Friday, September 04, 2020

Maisie Peters Single Review

Maisie Peters and J.P Saxe join forces for Maybe Don’t - a conversational love song which speaks to the broken-hearted generation who are trying to fix their attachment issues. 

The track is a sentimental bop, taking on issues of self-sabotaging good things you don’t thik you deserve that Peters has discussed before in previous single The List with verve and lyrics both raw and relatable: “We should never speak again/because I like you/and lately it’s just only getting worse…”, with JP Saxe’s character replying “I’m hoping I could get a word/with your expectations/’cause they don’t seem to be based on you and me,”. 

The track follows this back and forth narrative, showing how relationships don’t have to be destroyed by some outside force, and it’s hopeful without sounding naive. Sonically, it’s laid back style fits aesthetically with Peter’s signature quirky vocals and JP Saxe’s softer sound, with the chorus quiet but effective - dropping out as the “maybe don’t” questions the protagonists self destructive methods. 

Maybe Don’t was written with the help of GRAMMY award winning writer and producer Joe Rube, and has seen Peter’s post a stripped back version that is just as beautiful. This single isn’t as earth shatteringly haunting as previous single The List, or as anthemic as Sad Girl Summer, but Maybe Don’t has a more silently strong charm, with Peter’s signature lyrical flair, and the product is a highly listenable track that is sure to raise the anticipation of Peter’s first full length album to epic proportions.

- Chloe Johnson

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