Thursday, September 10, 2020

Kelly Lee Owens- Inner Song album review

Inner Song | Kelly Lee Owens

Welsh songwriter Kelly Lee Owens has managed to conquer the second album barrier with ‘Inner Song’, a suspended animation of colour, power and passion.

The album opens with Arpeggi, a transcending lyricless cover of Radiohead’s In Rainbows tune. It shines an electronic light onto the original song, bringing a euphoric twist. On moves the album on in relaxing waves of beautifully textured electronica. The juxtaposition hot-blooded beats and diaphanous vocals boasts Owens’ true talent, as both: a music producer and songwriter.

True to its name, Melt! literally melts. It is sensual. Relaxing yet energising. However, it carries a harrowing message, referring to the 1m tonnes of ice sheet lost per minute in Greenland last year- a message which should be far from relaxing.

Following on with Re-Wild, Jeanette and L.I.N.E, Owens explores opposing genres to her debut album: using undulating synth patterns to stretch the traditional pop structure to an experimental state. The feature track of the album, Corner of my sky , featuring fellow welsh musician and former Velvet Underground member, John Cale, is a poetic ode to their homeland. Cale’s distinct monotone voice dilutes the layering of synths, to focus attention to its poignant themes.

Later tunes within the album (Night and Flow) take listeners on a spiritual journey to a more meditative state with its uttering chants. Finally, Wake-up draws the album to a close with echoing vocals.

In turn, the album mixes thumping Saturday night dancefloor tunes with dreamy electronic vocals; all of which Owens uses to convey emotional and political messages. A contemporary masterpiece.

- Mollie German


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