Monday, September 14, 2020

Circa Waves X Alfie Templeman : Lemonade

Circa Waves and Alfie Templeman talk their "prophetic" new collaboration ' Lemonade'

Lemonade is Circa Waves lockdown single which reminds all of us that it’s ok to not have everything under control and that we have to deal with being defeated sometimes.

This is the first collaboration of the band, after releasing La’s’ cover There She Goes in June. This new single also marks Alfie Templeman’s first release after the EP Happiness in Liquid Form.

This song filled me with joy and actually tased every worry and stress, thanks to the softness of the artists’ voices and the sweet and calm melody that drags us out of a very unusual and uncertain time. We often feel lost and alone, our anxiety takes over and we don’t know where to go and what to do next. It is unfortunately a very common feeling that our generation shares. At times though we just need to pause and find something that makes us feel at peace, sometimes just by listening to a song.

The melody, as well as the video, evoke a melancholic vibe, of something that we’ve lived or lost. The singers almost go through their careers, analysing how many things they’ve gained, but actually lost much more.

With positive aspects come in fact negative outcomes that are hard on your persona, such online comments, dislike and constant attention on you. This feeling of constant unease makes us aware that we all go through struggles and that we will eventually find what makes us happy.

This is the perfect track to feel like the weight on your shoulders is been lifted.

Circa Waves' "Lemonade" single featuring Alfie Templeman is out now. Circa Waves upcoming concert in London's 02 Academy Brixton on 10 March 2021.

- Giulia Simonotti


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