Saturday, August 15, 2020

Wallows announce a virtual world tour: coming soon

Live At The Roxy Virtual World Tour Image 

The three-piece Los Angeles indie trio Wallows (featuring actor Dylan Minnette, Cole Preston and Braeden Lemasters) are returning on stage with a Virtual Would Tour pre-recorded in LA’s location, The Roxy Theatre.

The four shows will be streaming through NoCap, featuring performances that were filmed while COVID-19, following the health and safety guidelines. This is the perfect occasion for fans to enjoy comfortably from their home one of the bands that is really worth to follow.

Formed in 2017, the trio released its first full-length debut Nothing Happens. The album mixes indie pop sounds with post-punk influences, surf punk guitars and alternative rock vibes. A great album from start to finish. The band gained quickly a huge fandom due to Minnette’s leading part in the Netflix’s show 13 Reasons Why, but also thanks to the great group aesthetic and their social media presence.

The virtual tour will have different performances, each of the four times that will be streamed, set to please the different audiences.

Air Dates & Show Info:

SUNDAY, AUGUST 16 @ 7pm PT – ‘West Coast Show’ – Performing their debut album, Nothing Happens, in full from start to finish

SUNDAY, AUGUST 23 @ 7pm ET (4pm PT) – ‘East Coast Show’ – Performing a setlist of fan-voted songs

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 13 @ 7pm BST/8pm CEST (11am PT) – ‘UK & Europe Show’ – Wallows have picked their own set list for this show

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 27 @ 6pm JST/7pm AEST (2am PT) – ‘AUS, NZ & Asia Show’ –Tune in to find out what Wallows play for their final set live at The Roxy

Prior the tour dates release, the band asked their fans to recreate their official music video for the song Are You Bored Yet? ft. Clairo (directed by Drew Kirsch).

The band states:

"we obviously happen to be promoting ‘are you bored yet?’ at a time when most people are bored at home. so, we thought it’d be fun if you recreated the official music video for us shot for shot. feel free to recreate any of your favorite shots or moments from the video as close as you possibly can and we are going to edit together a new video using your footage. can’t wait to see what ya got. submit via the link in bio. (who’s gonna do the milk blender tho?)."

Are You Bored Yet? Video Contest Image

Just before the pandemic spread the Wallows released an inspired 1990s music video for a new song, “OK”, as well as recently released a famous Beatles song cover “A Little Help From My Friends”, donating all proceeds to Feeding America.

I just know that when things will get back to normal, or actually, back to better, we will hear great things from Wallows.

- Giulia Simonotti


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