Friday, August 14, 2020

The Magic Gang’s New Single: (The World) Outside My Door

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For fans of: Sundara Karma, JAWS, Blossoms, Marsicans, Sea Girls, The Night Café

With the release of ‘Death of the Party’ hovering on the horizon, The Magic Gang fans have been treated to the release of a fifth single from the upcoming album. The album has been teased since February when the first single ‘Think’ was released; to many fans dismay, including myself, the album’s release date was postponed, due to none other than corona itself. This time with a more personal feel ‘(The World) Outside My Door’ is another outstanding track to be added to the band’s discography.

It is impossible to talk about the Magic Gang without being somewhat nostalgic. 

Having first seen them as a support act for Sundara Karma at Manchester Academy a few years back, it is impressive to say the least at how much they have grown as a band. From being a support act, to playing at the likes of Leeds Festival and soon to be going on tour with Blossoms, the Magic Gang are an integral member of the indie-alternative music scene. Having cancelled most of their album launch gigs during lockdown, they have released an extensive amount of tour dates in March. Other events such as Live At Leeds in November, and NBHD Weekender in Warrington next May, will also see them make an appearance at.

The Brighton fourpiece, it is safe to say, have out done themselves once again with ‘(The World) Outside My Door’. Despite it being less upbeat than other tracks they have produced in the past; the soothing yet almost haunting tune is one that is soon to be recognisable on the 2020 indie scene. Every good album needs a personal touch to it, and what better way to do so than with a melancholier track such as this. Music should be made for the artist by the artist, and this track shows how this mindset has been followed; as it clearly has meant a lot to the band to produce this single.

The music video, released only recently, sees an emotional performance by singer and guitarist Jack Kaye. The pastel aesthetics and simplicity of the video adds to the somewhat sad undertones of the song. The song itself being about making a change seems fit the theme of this album in general, with the other tracks discussing ideas such as loving and being yourself. With so much going on in the world at the moment, it is important to stop and take a breath……and listen to the new single by The Magic Gang.

- Meghan Glover

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