Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Gengahr: Sanctuary Live Review

Gengahr kicked off a string of UK shows as part of the tour for their new album 'Sanctuary', in arguably the best city they could've chosen to done so, Manchester.

For Fans Of:  Alt-J, Peach Pit, Blaenavon, Bombay Bicycle Club, Two Door Cinema Club and Swim Deep

The boys first appeared on my radar in mid-2015 after music store Fopp tweeted that the band would be doing an intimate performance and signing following the release of their debut album. Initially drawn in by the eclectic artwork, filled with intrigue I went on to give the band a listen. Five years, 2 more albums later and here I am, with a feeling almost parallel to that of a proud mother. 

Sanctuary manages to encapsulate a plethora of emotions in a mere 10 tracks, from the Alt-J echoing 'Never A Low', to classic indie banger 'Carrion', back to 'Icarus' which mimics the sound given by their debut album. 

Support: Bessie Turner, Fake Laugh

Never A Low
Atlas Please
Bathed In Light
Soaking In Formula
Everything & More
Fill My Gums With Blood
Before Sunrise
Heavenly Maybe

She's A Witch
You're No Fun

Following on from amazing sets from both Bessie Turner (whom I has the pleasure of interviewing before the show, read it here) and Fake Laugh, Gengahr opened with 'Fantasy' a track from their latest album 'Sanctuary'. Luckily for OG fans such as myself, they played a handful of tracks from their debut album, Heroine, Bathed in Light, Embers, Fill My Gums and She's a Witch.

Gengahr filled the sold-out room which groovy guitar riffs, melancholy lyrics and mellow basslines, swapped every now and again for an upbeat base-infused track like 'Carrion'. The crowd swayed, danced and sang along to Genghar's signature warped guitar lines, coupled with edgy piano chords and enhanced by their poetic lyrics. The ethereal afterglow of each song left a perfect atmosphere for the next tune to be carried into.

I think it's safe to say that the boys have only gotten better have the years have progressed and I'm incredibly excited to see where this new decade takes them. If you haven't listened to Gengahr before, you're greatly missing out.

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