Friday, February 21, 2020

Cage The Elephant: Tell Us We're Pretty

Cage The Elephant sound-tracked the majority of my teenage years, walking to school with 'ain't no rest for the wicked' bleeding through my earphones, letting 'cigarette daydreams' run my emotions and ruin my makeup, Unpeeled on vinyl sitting proud amongst my collection, it's fair to say they've seen me through a lot. They were a vital mechanism of my growth and introduction into the world of rock and roll when I first discovered the power of music. Their powerful ballads fuelled my angsty teenage years more than I care to admit.

For Fans Of:  The Wombats, The Vaccines, The Fratellis

Support:  Post Animal, SWMRS

SWMRS are the most aptly chosen support act for a band I've ever seen, perfectly amping up the crowd for the main event, with powerful punk-rock tracks such as 'Lose Lose Lose' and 'Figuring It Out'. Lead singer, Cole Becker, has a wonderful knack for controlling a crowd, 'I'm Moses, you're the red sea... PART!'. Every word he spoke was met by obedient and screaming fans, riling with excitement every time Cage were mentioned:



Broken Boy
Cry baby
Too Late To Say Goodbye
Cold, Cold, Cold
Ready To Let Go
Social Cues
Tokyo Smoke
Mess Around
No Rest For The Wicked
It's Just Forever
House Of Glass
Come A Little Closer
Shake Me Down
Cigarette Daydreams
Love's The Only Way

Chaotic. Energetic. Eclectic. Utterly Insane. These are just a few words that can be used to describe the bands performance. Matt flailing around stage with endless bounds of energy, matched perfectly in response by mosh pits in the crowd. The only way to describe Matt's performance is by likening him to that of a boisterous Labrador puppy - with a tad more composure and balance, his stage presence vaguely reminding me of that of a young Mick Jagger.

Carefully placed slower songs allowed fans to recover from bangers such as 'Cold Cold Cold' and 'Spiderhead', regather their belongings, catch their breath, rejuvenating, a quick sip of a drink before sending the cup flying through the air, ready to jump around to the next hit track. How the crowd managed to stand, let alone walk out of the venue with the sheer amount of energy expended during the concert, is a question I'm unable to answer, let alone fathom.

Right before my eyes I saw the whole crowd lose control.

Cage the Elephant are easily one of the best live bands to come out of the 21st century, they're here to stay, five albums in and they're still spitting out absolute bangers - where on Earth do they get their creative drive from?
The boys have also secured a spot supporting Kings Of Leon at Finsbury Park in Summer alongside The Courteeners, Inhaler, Soccer Mommy and The Big Moon.

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