Friday, November 10, 2017

Wolf Alice 09/11/17

Venue; O2 Apollo Manchester
Capacity; 3,500
Status; Limited ticket availability (Standing sold out)
Support Acts; Superfood & Sunflower Bean

Redondo dos!

Wolf Alice have always been that band for me - that band that I thought I'd never get to see live, it'd be too surreal - like I'd be in denial that I was there? To be honest, I'd always worried about seeing them live, I'd hyped it up so much in my head, and I adore their music, and I was low-key anxious that they wouldn't be as good in real life, and that the magic would be gone in a split second - but this wasn't the case.

It was an absolutely amazing night, like freaking amazing The one down side to the night was the security - dragging people down who were on friends shoulders - like who cares? Just let the kids have fun! The strobe lightening was so intense and just enhanced the wild nature of songs like Giant Peach and Fluffy, and dropping the disco ball during tracks such as Blush was absolutely breathtaking - want to see a band that know how to put on a show? Go see Wolf Alice.

 -- Also Tom Ogden from Blossoms was sat a row behind me to the left? Like wth? He was stood up waving his arms about when Wolf Alice came on - like a proper little fan girl and it was adorable. (I was too shy to go and say hi to him). I turned to my sister and said, "That guy over there has long hair and kinda looks like Tom Ogden, yano the lead singer from Blossoms - oh wait it is Tom!" --

Seriously though - as soon as I left the meet and greet (my signed vinyl is my prized possession amongst my collection) I was counting down the seconds until I got the pleasure of seeing these guys again. Two of my favourite bands are Wolf Alice and Superfood, so to be seeing them both in the same night? Unreal and absolutely phenomenal.

Honestly, I was still hoping that they'd play 'Destroy Me' (despite Joff telling me otherwise), one can only hope aye? I'm also a little disappointed that they didn't play 90 mile beach, but I guess they can't play every song that they've ever recorded (Wednesday and Ghoster pls). If you didn't know that these guys had a track called Ghoster, it's because it's not on any official EP's but the soundtrack for Ghostbusters (and it's freaking amazing).

Wolf Alice Setlist;

Yuk Foo
You're A Germ
Your Loves Whore
St. Purple & Green
Don't Delete The Kisses
Formidable Cool
Planet Hunter
Beautifully Unconventional
Space & Time
Moaning Lisa Smile
Visions Of A Life

Giant Peach

Superfood Setlist;

You Can Believe
I Can't See
Natural Super Soul
Where's The Bass Amp
Double Dutch

It makes me genuinely sad that Superfood don't really play any tracks from their first album anymore, I mean it was only a short support slot but still - my favourite tracks are off their debut - Lily for your pad to rest on, TV, Right on Satellite, and Melting (but I forgive them because they played my favourite song - Raindance). They remind me of a smaller version of Alabama Shakes, and I love it.

If you ever get the chance to take any of these guys live - take it - they're all phenomenal.

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