Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Feet and Declan Mckenna 23/10/17

Venue; Manchester O2 Ritz (upgraded from Manchester Academy)
Capacity; 1,500
Status; Sold out!!!

Round two! Here we go..

After a phenomenal performance from both parties at Neighbourhood Festival, there was no way I'd pass up the opportunity to experience it again, but it a bigger better venue, (they could've filled Gorilla five times over). Declan Mckenna is the newest sensation in the indie world, after his political single 'Brazil' hit the radio, he absolutely shot into fame, he's become something of a teenage icon, and has captured the hearts of thousands of fans from around the globe.

His headline tour is in support of his debut album 'What Do You Think About The Car', (he also came to Manchester for an in-store signing at Fopp and the turnout was absolutely phenomenal). During the encore of ' Listen To Your Friends' Declan bravely dove into a crowd of screaming fans, and crowd surfed for the majority of the instrumental. It was honestly absolutely mental, event security were on their toes, darting about the venue, kicking people out, trying to find out who set off smoke bombs (to be honest I thought they were a part of the planned pyrotechnics).

Got a touch of podophilia? Listen to FEET - they never disappoint, and definitely know how to please a crowd and put on a good show. P.S. go buy their new single 'Petty Thieving' it's an absolute banger and my new favourite tune, and seeing it live is definitely something I want to experience again, and I'm sure everyone who was there would agree with me.

Ah! I'm actually in love with these guys!

FEET Photography;

This is a new style of light photography that I'm trying out, and I actually love the results. For me the light trails represent the fast paced reality of the music industry - it's constantly evolving and for that reason you can't photograph it as a still - it just doesn't represent the true qualities of the fast paced rock music that the bands I like play - I think I'm gonna do this more often, it's unique and expresses me as an individual, through my own photography.

Declan Mckenna Setlist;

The Kids Don't Wanna Go Home
Make Me Your Queen
Why Do You Feel So Down?
I Am Everyone Else

Listen To Your Friends

Declan Mckenna Photography;

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