Friday, June 23, 2017

No Hot Ashes/ The Nix/ The Claremonts Live 18/06/17

Pre-gig Antics
No Hot Ashes took to the stage at Manchester's Sound Control with support acts The Claremonts and The Nix. Playing their biggest sold-out venue to date, NHA were joined by a crowd of avid fans, in an atmosphere rife with eccentricity and electricity.

The four piece indie band from Stockport have been compared to bands such as Red Hot Chili Peppers and Arctic Monkeys.
With the lead singer of The Nix
Streamers were shot into the crowd, Isaac jumped over the barriers to surf among his fans, attendees were screaming their praises and chanting about Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Backstage after the show, the lads popped bottles of champagne (which consequently ended up dripping from the ceiling) to celebrate their night-to remember gig. I got the lads to sign my bag (it's kind of a tradition for me), and Isaac was so sweet about it "It's a Kanken, are you sure you want me to sign it?"

 If you ever get the chance to see these lads live, take it - it's not something you'd ever regret. I think it's safe to say that the guys will be back in Manchester soon - hopefully playing a bigger venue to house all of the fans that didn't manage to bag tickets for Saturdays sold-out show.

Thanks for an amazing night guys, watching the show from the side of the stage, letting me come backstage and meet you all, it was a wonderful experience and not one that I'll soon forget x x x

If there's one picture I could use to sum up the night it would be this; Insanely wild

“Lyrics about love, heartache, getting pissed and politics. They are the poster boys for a new age” – CLASH

The Claremonts;
The Claremonts

Sadly I didn't manage to nab a setlist from these guys, but these are their hit tracks;

Another Day
The Only One
Roll The Dice
You're Not There

Listen to The Claremonts on Soundcloud

The Nix Setlist;

Space Between
You're Always Cold
Fear Of Change

Listen to The Nix on Soundcloud

No Hot Ashes Setlist;

Ez Peeler
Cool Cat
Cigs & PG Tips
Skank (intro)
The Message
Smooth (no bits)

"Buy our shit because we are skint" - Isaac 2k17

Listen to No Hot Ashes on Spotify

Social Media Links;

No Hot Ashes - Go buy their shit on their store because they're skint (also they have new merch out)
The Claremonts
The Nix

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