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An Interview with 'All Us On Drugs'

SOURCE; All Us On Drugs Instagram
A band with a political statement as a name, five guys making freaky music for freaky people to get freaky to. All Us On Drugs. 2017's upcoming alt rock band.

The Support Acts; Pool Art/ Darma/ Witch Fever

Whilst the rest of the band were prepping to go on stage, and doing sound checks, Blue and Drey agreed to have a little chat with me to discuss their music and what they have in store for fans in the future.

Q; If you guys could tour with any musician, dead or alive, who would it be?

D; David Bowie
B; They're all dead though to be honest, one that's alive, I'd probably say Josh Homme, Queens of the Stone Age, or Dave Grohl, something like that
D; Prince would've been really nice, we almost had a gig with Prince but then he died, yeah.

Photograph by Ella
Q; You're due to play at Tramlines Festival, what do you think that'll be like?

D; Great, it's always great! We did two shows last year at Tramlines, and before that we played at Millennium Galleries, I can't remember what year - 2014? So we've played there sort of every year since, and the stage we're playing this year is in the free bit so you don't need a ticket for it, you can just g, it's called the crystal stage, so yeah I think it'll be great, hopefully.

Q; What's your go-to way of listening to music? Vinyl, Cassette, CD or just like on your phone?

D; On my phone, well it depends what you're doing, on the move it's always my phone, if I'm sat at home it's probably just Youtube
B; I do like vinyl, I collect it but it's, I don't find myself listening to much as anymore, like I'm just onto my phone, I just like having a physical copy
D; It's more a physical thing isn't it

Q; So what's the best gig you've ever been to?

D; Just as like a fan? Erm, that's tough, I really have to think here, Enter Shikari probably, most impressive light show, you know visuals are very...
B; I'm not quite sure, I'd say Tame Impala, I saw them last February, they were amazing live, everything about the live show - the sound, the lights, everything was just so mental

Q; If you could only listen to one album for the rest of your life, what would it be?

D; Probably Toxicity by System Of The Down, always got time for that
B; I'd say, Sargent Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club by The Beatles, I've just got it on repeat in the car at the minute anyway, so I just listen to that album all the time

Q; Have you ever had any weird run-ins with fans?

D; Yeah
B; Many...One time in Bridgewater, there was
D; Oh God yeah
B; Some guy got up on the stage and grabbed the microphone off Jason and just started screaming the most mental death-metal lyrics down the microphone, just improvising, not a clue what he was saying, some really demonic shit like, that was, that was a weird one, there's been many
D; There was a gig once in Manchester at Deaf Institute, I don't know if it was supporting the Marmosets, but a fan came in and he was clearly on something, he came to the merch stall and he was just 'can I have a go of your guitar', and I was 'yeah whatever', and I gave him my guitar, and fucking, five minutes later, I don't know what happened but, he's being literally thrown out down the stairs by security and kicked out. I think the fact that he was on acid had just, all his boundaries and things you can and can't do just went out the window
B; He had like no idea what was happening
D; He was wandering around like he was in a dream basically, you know - doing whatever he wanted, like jumping on tables, going pulling himself pints and stuff, and yeah security clocked on and they just, literally I've never seen anyone get thrown out of a venue. People say 'oh yeah they got chucked out', but this guy got chucked out, 
B; Yeah like thrown down a flight of stairs
D; Yeah I hope he's alright, I think the bouncer was waiting, just waiting for him to do something stupid

Q; Okay, so - music wise, do you have any guilty pleasures?

D; Abba, erm and yeah anything that sounds good to be honest
B; I listen to a lot of stuff but I don't ever feel guilty about it, like 
D; That's a good point
B; Yeah like I don't really think I have any guilty pleasures, I just enjoy everything that I listen to
D; Like there's none that I'd be embarrassed about being caught listening to, if you know what I mean

Q; What's been your inspiration for your music then?

D; Many things, say I'm Jason for a second, erm, I love Simply Red, Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Beatles, Lou Reed, life experiences, like, with Jason's writing - because he writes most of the stuff, erm the lyrics and the sort of meanings behind the songs anyway, a lot of its based on what's been going on in our lives, in the past few years, and sometimes he'll write about sex, and sometimes he'll write about friendships, and sometimes he'll write about things...
B; Sometimes he'll write about inanimate objects, he'll literally write a song about anything, like Irn Bru
D; Let's say like he's got the recipe in his head, like the melody, and the ingredients to make the song but  what it's about just really depends on what he's feeling. I suppose when we write, we sort of write based on how the music feels to play. So when we're jamming and stuff and we're creating little sections, or yeah we'll use that for a song. We don't really know what the inspiration behind it is, It's just sort of, I guess, subliminal influences, leaking through into our playing

Q; If you were just going to take on day, sit down and binge watch a TV show, what would it be?

D; Mad Men again maybe, probably re-watch Breaking Bad, 
L; I've just finished watching that! I'm watching Better Call Saul, I'm on the second to last episode
D; I got a bit bored of that, maybe I didn't follow it properly but  I watched like one or two episodes and just
L; You've gotta get into it, 
D; Yeah well I probably will, I think I just wanted Breaking Bad, you know and it's a side story
L; It's like based around Mike as well, he's like my favourite character so I was like, lovin' this
D; Yeah I just wasn't ready for it, my head wasn't ready for it I think, but we're watching Walking Dead at the moment
B; American Dad
L; I only got up to season six of The Walking Dead and I got a bit bored
B; Rick and Morty
D; Oh shit we forgot about that, Rick and Morty yeah, but we've watched it too many times now. Yeah where are we? On season four? We're on season five now, so you say it's gonna get boring?
L; I finished season six and I was just like
D; Not gonna watch seven?
L; ... I can't be bothered, I didn't watch it for about a year and then I got myself back into it, it was kinda like I felt it was a duty to finish it
D; That's the thing though, when you're hooked on a TV show, it's like a few episodes every night

Q; At your funeral, what song would you have played?

D; Oh god, erm, something to make people feel really good, nothing depressing really
L; No Joy Division then?
D; No definitely not, you know something like, ah god fuck knows, Venga Boys or summat, I don't know, something daft, just to completely flip the funeral, I wouldn't even want a funeral, just burn, me alive,
B; Funeral's are bullshit
L; Like the Salem witch trials?  Just, burn alive?
D; Yeah I suppose funeral's are closure for people so probably, there's this band called Ghost, that are like the most satanic thing ever, and they do this video, this intro song that's from Eyes Wide Shut, the scene where they do some crazy ritual, I'd have that basically, I dunno, I haven't though about it to be honest
B; I dunno
D; What d'ya reckon?
B; I really don't know
D; It's hard innit, like people are there, you're dead, you're in a box
B; Fucking Mr Blue Sky
D; It's got your name in it to be honest
L; Most people I've met they want Asleep by The Smiths played, I'm like that's a bit too sad that for me
D; Yeah 
B; I get that though
D; I wouldn't like to have..
B; A funeral that was the most morbid thing ever
D; Yeah I know what you're sayin', you don't wanna make people cry
B; Definitely don't wanna play Morrissey tunes at my Funeral 
L; First Of The Gang To Die, that'd be very relevant 

Q; So, is there anything for fans for look forward to in the future?

D; Yes, plenty of stuff, shit loads of stuff
B; But we don't really know what yet, but like we will know soon
D; There's a lot in the works
B; Music tours, 
D; yeah it's very early days, there's a lot being thrown around right now with the team that's looking after us, and basically, we were gonna tour throughout June July and August, but we've had to pull the August dates because we need to do something else, basically. But yeah there's gonna be new music, new equipment
B; New band member
D; Yeah a new band member, just loads of new stuff, and we'll know exactly what in a week or so

And then I had an in depth convo with one of the band members about a Salted caramel/ Nutella milkshake he had a huge ass burger, which he said probably wasn't the wisest idea before the show. Make sure to check these guys out!

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