Thursday, July 11, 2024

The Shrines Unveil 'Spilled Ink'

Danish nomad rock duo, The Shrines (comprised of Anne and Rasmus) have been making waves on the European music scene with their drilling and infectious raw sound. 

The outfit have performed at festivals across their home country, as well as hosting their showcase concert in Soho, London, and providing extensive tour support for misfit rockers Saint Agnes

Having released their debut full-length project 'Your Damned Time' in 2022, the pair are back two years later with their brand new track, the Queens of the Stone Age-infused 'Spilled Ink'. Birthed from their nomadic lifestyle of travelling the world on their 42-foot solar-powered sailboat (which they affectionately call their "floating music studio"), and a friendship blossoming from a pit-stop in Kalamata (Greece), The Shrines enlisted Wave Olveson and Omar Margolin (Eggshots) for their first collaborative work.

The track opens with sultry reverbed vocals supported by stripped back electric guitar lines that perfectly balance the juxtaposing male and female crooning's. The brooding soundscape isn't far removed from Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds' signature sound, and offers a fresh new take on classic, dark rock. Coming in at just under the five minute mark, 'Spilled Ink' never lets up and continually maintains The Shrines' infectious sound. 

'Spilled Ink' is an impressive and well-developed release from The Shrines that showcases their unique sound, and one that we can only hope forms a part of a larger project.

Lana Williams


Image: 'Spilled Ink' Official Single Cover

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