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FLORIDA Explore The Many Faces Of Rock In Their Debut Album ‘Metal Detector’

Alternative rock band FLORIDA have released their debut album ‘Metal Detector’ where they effortlessly merge elements of classic alternative rock with layers of heavy metal and its sub-genres through distorted guitars and elevated melodies that together concoct raw emotion and take listeners on an auditory journey that celebrates metal in all its glory. 

‘Lens Makes ruin’ captures the perfect blend of modern alternative rock with the essence of 70s heavy metal. Rich with heavy riffs, distorted power chords, and compressed drums, creating a fuzzy dissonance that oozes all the confidence of this era. 

FLORIDA showcase their eclectic style in ‘Decap’ where they explore elements of psychedelic rock through heavy reverb to create a hazed effect slowly easing into a crisp and melodic wave of instrumentals to create an interest and subtle contrast, adding depth and texture. 

However, in the following track ‘Drifted’, FLORIDA explore an initial electronic, disco sound that eases into the over-the-top persona of hair metal from the 1980s by showcasing a pop-inspired hook, and guitar riffs to create an upbeat, flamboyant rhythm. 

‘Sure Enough’ takes on a slower tempo, the guitar arrangements taking centre stage, taking a thing or two from 90s alternative rock and a narrow influence from grunge: the heavy drums, and an emphasis on distorted, powerful guitar progressions and a funky bassline.

‘Lookin To Find’ cleverly manipulates tempo, beginning with a quick-witted, fast-paced drum disposition that skilfully harmonises with sharp acoustic guitars and percussion. It then unexpectedly transitions into a wavey, electronic melody, surprising the listener and shifting from a modern rock sound into a sonic soundscape, showcasing the depth of FLORIDA’s musical talent and exploration.

Their lead single ‘Country Line,’ adds a different perspective to ‘Metal Detector’, incorporating folk-rock into the mix for a calming, gentler sound on the album. ‘Country Line’ opens with a lone, delicate acoustic guitar arrangement that blends into a soft drumbeat. This rhythm and melody are complemented by soothing vocals that become emotive, matching the beat as it transcends into a wave of electric guitars, truly capturing FLORIDA’s songwriting capabilities. 

‘Always From The City’ is an epic 80s glam metal ballad, featuring slow power ballads expressed through eccentric power chords that create a sweeping instrumental wave. In contrast, ‘More Into Me’ channels an older punk style, simplifying the guitars, drums, and bass for a rhythmic instrumental with a polished edge.

‘Heavy Heart’ is the final track on ‘Metal Detector’, it takes a stripped rock sound with a twinge of Americana. The vivid acoustic guitar is at the forefront to capture the track’s theme of heartache and vulnerability, perfectly framing the emotive vocals and heartfelt lyrics such as “Nothing to believe in now, nothing to believe when you’re falling apart. Nothing to believe in when you’ve got a heavy heart”.

FLORIDA has skilfully crafted a debut album that delves into various genres and styles, including 70s heavy metal, modern rock, and 90s grunge, among others. ‘Metal Detector’ showcases their talent, appealing to a broad audience with its genre-blending moments. It’s the perfect choice for those seeking a diverse listening experience.

Ana Joy King


Image: ‘Metal Detector’ Official Album Cover

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