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Zelda Mab Release Her Innovative Debut EP 'Elettricità'

Zelda Mab makes a striking debut with the release of her  EP 'Elettricita', featuring a vibrant array of indie pop songs that infuses garage rock, punk and electronica to seamlessly merge together for an innovative and captivating listening experience.

Gloria Abbondi pens the name Zelda Mab and takes on the persona of a DIY, lo-fi artist taking a step back from her classical roots. Her latest endeavour with  'Elettricita' shows clear influence from Nirvana, where she showcases a punk-like aesthetic with angst and fuses this with pop melodies with surging sound waves and reverb.

‘Indimenticabile’ begins with a jagged, repetitive wave of reverb that seamlessly blends with an eccentric electric guitar, perfectly framing Zelda’s captivating vocals. Sung in Italian and translated to ‘Unforgettable’, her emotional delivery draws the listener in cleverly blending fierce electronica with gritty garage rock to create a gorgeous, addictive anthem.

'Elettricità' is an indie pop track that opens with a hazy and melancholy feel, largely due to Zelda’s reflective and remorseful vocal delivery. The initial tempo is almost hollow, creating a sombre atmosphere. However, the track suddenly shifts, bursting into an energetic rock aesthetic merged with vibrant electronica through a lively drumbeat, thrilling guitar, and captivating vocal performance. 

'Facile Preda' is a stripped-back track that offers a reflective moment on the EP, featuring simple yet euphoric instrumentals with a glimmering guitar and echoing percussion that blends together to create a hazy effect.

'Il Mondo Fuori -Germi-' kicks off with a rhythmic, funky beat that swiftly escalates into hard rock instrumentals. The electric guitar shreds with an assertive swagger, its echoes creating a bold presence. This is contrasted by a blend of bluesy syncopation and electronica, subtly enriched with synthesisers.

'Soldier Angel' takes a completely different approach, delivering a groovy soul-pop vibe. It starts with harmonic, soulful vocals that resemble a hymn, creating a somewhat psychedelic haze. A funk bass joins in, accompanied by a mix of synth and reverb, producing a unique soundscape. As the instrumentals intensify, her iconic electric guitar kicks in, adding a gritty edge to the track.

Zelda Mab's debut EP, 'Elettricità', is a euphoric creation. Her captivating vocals dazzle listeners, guiding them on an emotive and thrilling journey as she seamlessly blends indie pop, garage rock, and electronica.

Ana Joy King


Image: 'Elettricità' Official EP Cover

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