Friday, June 21, 2024

You’ll Be ‘Smitten’ For Pale Waves’ New Single

Pale Waves dreamy new single ‘Perfume’ is a breath of fresh summer air. The track opens up with a springy up-tempo 2000’s inspired guitar riff. In this track, they introduce their fresh new sound while still staying true to their pop punk and indie rock roots.

This is the first single off their upcoming studio album ‘Smitten’ which is due to be released on September 24th. The band announced the release of their fourth studio album through an Instagram post in which they unveiled the cover. 

The track is peppered with influence from bands they look up to, The Cranberries and The Cure. The drums are repeated throughout the track but complement the overall sound well. A thrilling grunge guitar solo during the bridge provides a nice break from the riff that carries on throughout the track. The bassline is smooth and rhythmic. 

A whimsical music video accompanied the release of their first single of their upcoming album. The music video takes place in a garden maze, featuring the band performing in the middle. It’s elegant and fun with a pleasing colour palette. 

The music video's romantic and ethereal theme captures the song's vibe beautifully. 

Daniela Gisel Macias


Image: ‘Smitten’ Official Album Cover

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