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Sea Girls Turn A Corner As They Share ‘Polly’

Sea Girls' new track ‘Polly’ from their upcoming album ‘Midnight Butterflies’ (due to release June 14th) sets the band completely apart from their earlier tracks and makes way for a more stripped-back, bass driven type of sound that we haven’t seen from them before. But the question on everyone’s lips: is this a good thing?

If we take a look back into some more of the earlier sea girls tracks, much like the works of ‘All I Want To Hear You Say’‘Call Me Out’ and ‘Do You Really Wanna Know?’ they have a much faster tempo to them, so, naturally, upon hearing ‘Polly’ for the first time it almost feels a little strange to find such a contrast between these songs. 

Sea Girls are usually much more reliant and heavier on their pop-indie feel and are well known for their more positive, energetic and punchier tracks but have now, since, turned a corner, showing just how versatile their music and talent as a band really can be. 

Lead singer of the band, Henry, also took to the bands Instagram to speak about the new track and said that the song is inspired by a lot of early Beatles music, like 'Girl' which, in his words “lyrically felt like a Drake song and still feels modern in some of its phrasing”. Henry also says in the post that he was inspired by those Beatles melodies and straightforward lyrics, like “I Want To Hold Your Hand.” And how much fun the band had really delving into the feelings that come with being absolutely and completely dumb founded by someone. 

In a world and a time where most bands want to, maybe sometimes without their own realisation of it, sound the same, it is so important to be able to diversify your sound as a band and set yourself apart from the rest. It feels as though Sea Girls are setting out to do just that with this new track as hearing such a stripped back, more vocal and bass-based sound compared to their usual funkier, faster and energetic tunes feels like such a breath of fresh air. 

Sea Girls are completely turning a corner with their sound and style with this new era and new label and are evidently, really trying to step things up a notch and are ready to be showcasing to the world and their incredibly loyal and loving fan-base just what they’re really made of. The band are experimenting with their sound and have very clearly found their feet within doing so, showing that diversifying your music can certainly be an amazing tool in creating a musically engaging upcoming album and this is something we can hope to see more of from them in the future.


Bethany Atkins


Image: ‘Polly’ Official Single Cover


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