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Oh, Yes You Can Cry In The City of Love With Blusher In ‘24 Hours in Paris’

Creating a whimsical and mythical dreamscape to paint a picture of how heartache is jarring and crushing but pairs well with a bottle of rosé-hued hope can only be done by Blusher. The dynamic electronic-pop girl group's latest single, '24 Hours in Paris', takes on the emotions felt immediately after a breakup. 

Delicately, the synths and electronic drums create an atmosphere of light (a dash of glittering and fleeting optimism) and bittersweet, poignant, vocals that battle the sadness of the loss of a partner while being in a city known for its intense poetic romanticisation of love, art, and beauty. The song swirls with trying to push forward and take in the present moment of being in a new city, exploring, expanding your horizons, essentially trying to separate the mind and the heart from the inevitable downpour of tears that would dampen any croissant before dipping it into a cup of French coffee.  

"Seeing all the craftsmen, not taking it in / Ah, ah / 'Cause every time I think it's working / I'm remindеd", the lyrics dive deeper into a hurt all of us know, the suppression of trying to rush the moving on process; how can you not be happy in a place like Paris, until you find something that paints a resemblance of what is now lost.

The trio brilliantly composed the song as the internal monologue of day one after a breakup and trying to recreate their sense of self, being around others, breaking old habits (the urge to text or call their ex), trying so hard to not cave into the ache and rumination of what-ifs or they or I can change to cope ("Lost in the streets, so I bury my head / Lavender rolled in a cigarette / Breathe out, breathe in".) 

Throughout the song, the group utilises their talents to create a great depiction of the emotions and thoughts running that lead to the bridge where, as a listener, we feel them hit the peak of letting go that all of the song has been building up to. Along with Blusher, we too experience the crushing wave of release alongside them. This is the moment where the "ahs" throughout the song clicked as it reminded us of the feeling of locking down our tears and the way we gasp for air and try to swallow it down, the tightening of our throats, the welling of water in our eyes, the curtains expose us, like the trio, bursting with tears in the streets, in our beds, on the train, and on the shoulder of a friend. 

"And I was so sure / Until I wasn't sure at all". How difficult it must've been being in Paris, a gorgeous city with monuments and people displaying old and new love, being a tourist soaking in the newness while wrapping your head around being broken up with. A moment well lived by us all, not lost in time. This is a song that perfectly sits in our hearts as we all have had our hearts broken (be it by a partner, a friend, family, or yourself) and had to put a brave face on the next day to go on with plans, enjoy time with others, work hard to be in the moment, and be fine to get through it all. It's a comforting song to remind you that those 24 hours will turn from dark skies to true watercoloured sunrises over time with newer passions and opportunities to allow in people who will also learn to love you. 

Blusher is proving to us more and more that they are the pop trio to keep your eyes on and allow your heart to be heard and guided by, this is the third single the Aussie group has released this year and we’re hoping that this means an album or EP is on the horizon. 

Tyra Baker


Image: ‘24 Hours in Paris’ Official Single Cover

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