Thursday, June 06, 2024

Gregory Ackerman Release The Emotive ‘When It’s Through’

LA-born singer-songwriter Gregory Ackerman pours his heart into his latest single, ‘When It’s Through’, a modern Americana folk ballad that creates a vivid image of the summertime for an emotive yet joyful listening experience. 

In the EP ‘Brand New Life’, Gregory Ackerman's song ‘When It’s Through’ delves into the trials of the heart and the navigation through hardships. Using the metaphor of a summertime cross-country road trip, Ackerman symbolises the journey and triumphs over life's challenges, as depicted in the lyrics “I’ll crack a smile while I’m fading, wallowing in grief, swimming the blue…cause I certainly see that what I can’t believe what a day it's been, what a day it will be when it’s through”.  This effect is heightened by Gregory Ackerman's vocals, which are deep yet delivered in a hushed, delicate tone, adding a subtle contrast.

‘When It’s Through’ opens with a sudden wave of sound, bursting to life with a high-tuned, jagged acoustic guitar paired with a softer, deeper-toned guitar. This contrast highlights the mixed emotions Gregory Ackerman aims to convey. Throughout the track, the guitars play with the overall tempo, transitioning from delicate, twinkling riffs to intense, precise picking of the strings, showcasing the highs and lows of life and really tapping into Americana folk influences.

Gregory Ackerman has crafted an upbeat yet emotive track with ‘When It’s Through’, filled with rich metaphors, simplistic instrumentals, and deep emotion. Is it any wonder that this track captivates listeners with his artistry? ‘When It’s Through’ is a stunning song that offers comforting words to its audience.

Ana Joy King


Image: ‘When It’s Through’ Official Single Cover 

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