Sunday, June 30, 2024

Eades Release New Summer Tune ‘Constantly’

The high-energy Leeds based band Eades are back with their latest effort, ‘Constantly’- a lo-fi, steely indie-rock tune which features catchy hooks and sizzling guitar lines. The Yorkshire based quartet consist of Harry Jordan (Vocals and Guitar), Tom O’Reilly (Lead Guitar), Jof Cabedo (Drums), Dave Lancaster (Bass), and Dan Clifford-Smith (Synths and Percussion).

This new single is pulled from their upcoming EP titled ‘Fight or Flight’ (Bam Bam Records) which will be out on August 14th and will be celebrated with a seven stop tour of the UK in September.

Starting off simple with a basic drum line and dreamy guitar riff, this latest effort catches the attention from the first second. As we approach the first chorus, the volume is cranked up a notch with silky bass lines and maracas joining in the picture.

Constantly’ sings of boredom and the monotony of life, focusing on its its cyclical nature, with one the first lines stating: “It always seems to me, nostalgia is the thing / that stops you growing into a man.” Lead vocalist, Harry Jordan, cements this in the chorus singing: “It’s so painful to see it, so painful to see it, constantly”.

Produced by Jordan, the new cut is well mixed and features deep lows and crisp highs, with a nice mix of sounds and backing instruments filling out the track.

Dan Jones

Image: ‘Constantly’ Official Single Cover

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