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CONCRETE JUNGLE [THE OST]: Bad Omens, Reworked, Reimagined

Bad Omens have been a hot topic in the metal scene since their 2022 release 'The Death Of Peace Of Mind’. Their latest album 'CONCRETE JUNGLE [THE OST],' acts as an extension to their previous album, continuing to expand the boundaries of metal by seamlessly taking their signature melodic metalcore sound and adding an industrial electronic style alongside moments of lo-fi whilst teaming up with the likes of Poppy, Wargasm (UK), ERRA, and Bob Vylan

Forming in 2015 in Richmond, Virginia Bad Omens are known for punishing breakdowns and anthemic choruses that evoke contemporaries similar to Bring Me The Horizon and Periphery. Lyrically, the band explores a variety of topics, with a focus on despair, mental health and addiction explored through Noah Sebastian’s diverse vocal range, seamlessly alternating between melodic soft vocals to aggressive growls that make him arguably the best vocalist of his generation. 

The latest 'CONCRETE JUNGLE [THE OST]' has been long awaited and comprises themes such as humanity, nature and technology told through sinister electronics and ferocious breakdowns and melodies. Consisting of 26 tracks including collaborations, reimagined works and live performances. 'CONCRETE JUNGLE [THE OST]' is a diverse album that shows the diversity and depth of Bad Omens and how in the world of modern metal, the wheel is meant to be, and will be broken. 

The album begins with ‘C:\Projects\CJost\Beatdth’, featuring staggered, mechanical soundwaves where clinking and clanking echo to create an ominous tension. This tension gradually intensifies before transitioning into ‘V.A.N,’ (Violence Against Nature) an industrial metal track with a sci-fi theme featuring the distinctive Poppy. 

The track narrates the story of an artificial intelligence entity determined to eradicate humanity, as highlighted by the lyrics: “I am in your algorithm learning all your mannerisms. I'm already level with god. A million words a second and I know your imperfections, baby I’m the only future you’ve got.” ‘V.A.N’ melds dark electronic soundscapes and powerful breakdowns, seamlessly integrated with Poppy’s robotic vocals.

Collaborating with HEALTH and Swarm, ‘THE DRAIN’ delves into the theme of loss, encapsulated by the lyrics: “I can’t be saved, reaching for a life we threw away. Watching as it circles in the drain with everything I loved that’s gone to waste.” ‘THE DRAIN’ skillfully blends two powerful musical styles. It features synths and electronic soundwaves, punctuated by bursts of heavy-hitting drums and an intense electric guitar breakdown, resulting in a uniquely sonic yet heavy track.

‘TERMS & CONDITIONS’ repurposes the lyrics “Can you hear me through the white noise, friend?” from ‘Artificial Suicide,’ transforming them into a completely new and unrecognisable track featuring Bob Vylan. The song employs subdued EDM to craft distinct soundwaves that seamlessly blend with Bob Vylan’s grime, punk rock, and hip hop style, creating a comic book feel. This track highlights Bad Omens' diverse musical range, presenting a totally different style.

‘HEDONIST [RECHARGED]’ opens with the distinctive vocals of Milkie Way from Wargasm (UK). Her sonically charged vocals create a perfect blend of electronic synth to forge a sense of dark pop, interwoven with a ferocious surge of hard-hitting instrumentals.

A real standout on the album is ‘ANYTHING>HUMAN,’ featuring ERRA. The track begins with distortion overlaying Noah's echoing vocals, which then cut out with a brief pause before bursting to life, creating a stunning bridge that blends light pop with industrial metal. The incredible clean vocals of Noah and Jesse Cash make this song an earworm that has quickly become a fan favourite.

The final section of  'CONCRETE JUNGLE [THE OST]' are live performances of tracks from ‘The Death Of Peace Of Mind’ showcasing their ferocious stage presence through killer guitars, electronics and incredible vocals from Noah Sebastian transporting listeners back to their concerts, leaving fans in high anticipation for the next time they see them live in concert. 

Bad Omens are more than just a metalcore band, they deliver an all star, genre defying album within 'CONCRETE JUNGLE [THE OST]'  that sees brand new tracks and previous releases reworked and reimagined pushing the boundaries of what rock and metal can be, cementing their place as future festival headliners and legends within the scene. 

Ana Joy King


Image: ‘CONCRETE JUNGLE [THE OST]’ Official Album Cover

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