Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Adam + Attack By Fire and the Brand-New Single ‘Trashy Samurai Blues’

Adam + Attack By Fire shares the brand-new single ‘Trashy Samurai Blues’, a track that boasts irresistible melodic tune and captivating pop vocals that has confidence flowing into a dynamic tune that is rich with Brit rock, punk and rock undertones.

Residing in North Carolina, USA, Adam + Attack By Fire reflects a rich artistic identity that seamlessly incorporates elements of Americana with vivid British rock, drawing influences from iconic rock stars such as The Kinks, David Bowie, Mott The Hoople and T.Rex.

This versatile talent not only sees him excel as a songwriter but also as a producer and a performer, tapping deep into rock n roll roots for a flamboyant, captivating persona. The result? His music uniquely blends punk with a glam rock flair, showcasing his ability to craft iconic sounds that ooze with familiarity and a refreshing, unique edge. 

‘Trashy Samurai Blues’ begins with a monotone bassline that serves as the backbone of the entire track, smoothly transitioning into soaring synths and a mechanical drumbeat that together create a rich sonic atmosphere. This is contrasted and nicely complemented by the dynamic guitar arrangement, resulting in a warm yet electrifying vibe.

 Although Adam + Attack By Fire shows influences from classic Britpop artists, he introduces a modern twist within the guitar arrangement that evokes the iconic riff of Arctic Monkeys' ‘Do I Wanna Know.’ Paired with speak-talk vocals, the sound feels both familiar and effortlessly casual, reminiscent of Alex Turner.

‘Trashy Samurai Blues’ channels a distinctive monotone yet rhythmic soundscape, blending elements of Britpop with modern alternative rock. Adam + Attack By Fire transcends conventional boundaries, infusing the track with a delightful eccentricity that creates a genuinely unique sound.

Ana Joy King


Image: ‘Trashy Samurai Blues’ Official Single Cover 

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