Wednesday, May 01, 2024

Tessa and Friends Release The Brand-New Track 'no one's getting out unbroken (giving up my ghost)'

Following on from her previous release, 'I Think We All Going To Die'Tessa Forrest, now performing under the stage name Tessa and Friends, has released 'no one's getting out unbroken (giving up my ghost)', a track rich with contrast, blurring the lines between melancholy and buoyancy.

Tessa Forrest's solo indie-pop project, Tessa and Friends, sounds like a deeply personal endeavor, and it is. Her latest focus within ‘no one’s getting out unbroken (giving up my ghost)’ delves into themes of defeatism and the vulnerabilities that follow. This thematic focus adds a layer of authenticity and relatability, spilling her deepest thoughts within this track, bringing forth an intimate, raw experience for listeners to connect with her profound reflections together.

The track ‘no one's getting out unbroken (giving up my ghost)’ kicks off with a captivating introduction, bursting to life with an infectious guitar riff and dominant drumbeat that blend seamlessly to craft a distinctive, upbeat rhythm. Tessa's commanding vocals add to the mix, effortlessly balancing a raw edge reminiscent of rock with a delicate tenderness that nods towards indie aesthetics.

From the outset, Tessa delivers a quirky performance that exudes her unique style and presence, establishing herself as the Poppy of indie-pop. She is able to skillfully manipulate contrast, crafting a bright and lively melody that immediately engages listeners, only to introduce disparity through the pessimistic lyrical content delivered in an optimistic manner, exemplified by lines such as “I’m terrified we can’t escape…”.

Tessa and Friends have crafted a simple yet masterful track with 'no one's getting out unbroken (giving up my ghost),' deftly playing with juxtaposition as they lay bare profound insecurities and defeatism. Despite this, they still manage to create an irresistibly catchy and addictive tune that will undoubtedly have listeners hitting the replay button.

Ana Joy King


Image: ‘no one’s getting out unbroken (giving up my ghost)’ Official Single Cover

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