Thursday, May 16, 2024

Rum Jungle @ Sidney & Matilda, Sheffield: A Night of Ethereal Australian Music

Sun-soaked Aussie music genius’ Rum Jungle gave Yorkshire a night packed with surfy psychedelic tunes and versatile musical talents. The four-piece from Newcastle, Australia have been making their summery, magical, and infectious sounds since 2017 and have become a staple band in the hazy surf-rock music scene with bands such as Ocean Alley and The Terrys.

Following the release of their sophomore album ‘Hold Me In The Water’ in November 2023, Rum Jungle showcased their effervescent yet soulful tracks in Sheffield’s iconic venue, Sidney & Matilda as well as their latest head-bopping single ‘Did The Morning Let You Down’.

The Newcastle quartet jumped on to the stage and introduced themselves as ‘‘a little band from Australia’’ which could not be any further from the truth as the band dived head first in to their set list full of tracks with millions of listens on Spotify which are loved by fans around the world. Straight away, Rum Jungle bought energy, positivity, and joy to the intimate venue and everyone there had their heads bopping.

One of the highlights of the night was when the band played ‘Dash of Speed’ from their most recent album. The lyrics “Drink your drinks, smoke your smokes, and dry your tears’’ were sung back to the Aussies with love from adoring gig-goers, and the love was well reciprocated throughout the whole show.

It was time for drummer Frazer McDonald to take centre stage and perform the solo acoustic track ‘Sure Fire’ providing Sheffield with 3 minutes of intimacy and sentimentality through one man and his pink acoustic guitar performed with perfection. From one beautifully intense track to the other, the most anticipated moment of the night arrived with a huge roar as Rum Jungle began to play their Triple J ‘Like A Version’ cover of Rhianna’s ‘Stay’ which is easily one of the most impressive live covers we’ve heard. The slow and moving start to the track suddenly takes an intense turn into an atmospheric, guitar heavy record that only Rum Jungle could produce so exquisitely. It’s safe to say the crowd were beyond ecstatic to hear their iconic cover live as emotion from each giggoer filled the room with passion.

You can catch Rum Jungle throughout the UK and EU on the last leg of their ‘Hold Me In The Water’ tour before heading back down under to expand on their already beloved and extraordinary discography.

Alice Mason
Instagram: @alicemxson / @alicegoestogigs
Image: Rum Jungle Official UK/EU Tour Poster

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