Saturday, May 18, 2024

Rum Jungle Bring the Summer Feels With New Single

Punchy and perky, this latest single by Rum Jungle is the perfect sound to start summer with. 

Hailing from Newcastle, New South Wales, this Aussie indie quartet have released two EP’s to date, ‘Crazy Days’ and ‘Sun and Smoke’, and have amassed a bit of following too. 

Rum Jungle have been touring with some big names, including Lime Cordial, Hilltop Hoods and Peking Duk

This latest single, named ‘Did The Morning Let You Down’ is a classic indie-rock fast-paced banger, featuring winding guitar hooks, snappy drums, rolling bass lines and some impressive vocals. 

Kicking off with just vocals and an acoustic guitar, the song gently builds throughout the first verse, with individual instruments joining in, to all meet at the catchy chorus. The chorus is the highlight of the track, and has that ‘sing-along’ factor from the first listen.  

The song ends with a stunning drawn-out final verse, coming to a standstill as the instruments come to a crescendo climax. 

‘Did The Morning Let You Down’ is the kind of song that would perfectly fit a late-night sunset drive, the lyrics are catchy and the production is impressive.  This song is like a sonic Mojito. It’s sweet, great to enjoy in the summer, and packs a real punch towards the end.  

Dan Jones

Image: ‘Did The Morning Let You Down’ Official Single Cover

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