Monday, May 13, 2024

‘Insecure’: The Highly Anticipated Return Of Tom Misch

After three years, Tom Misch has returned to making music under his real moniker, just in time to release the perfect song for those breezy summer mornings with his latest single ‘Insecure’.

The songwriter, and producer has made a name for himself as one of the most sought-after musicians in the UK right now. Following the success of his side project Supershy alongside a string of collaborations with artists such as Loyle Carner and Yussef Dayes, Misch has been no stranger to the music world in the last three years where he wasn’t making solo music. ‘Insecure’ acts as the perfect reintroduction to his work.

The track opens with the sound of a distorted guitar in the recognisable Misch style. This opening is stripped back, with Misch’s velvet vocals dancing alongside the countermelody of the guitar, the vulnerable sound reflecting the subject matter. The soft drum beat kicks in and the song becomes a mixture of soothing yet upbeat sounds, creating the perfect accompaniment to a long walk on a summer morning.

The lyrics throughout the song serve as a reminder that everyone has insecurities. Misch wrote in an Instagram post that ‘Insecure’ is “Actually an old song from about four years ago but never found the right time to release it”. Misch has been releasing music since 2012 on SoundCloud and has since released a variety of tracks in a distinct style, with ‘Insecure’ being some of his most personal lyrics to date.

Insecure’ is only the first of a series of singles to be released over the upcoming months, all whilst Misch works on his highly anticipated new solo album that is yet to have a release date. If ‘Insecure’ is anything to go by, great things can be expected from the full album.


Jodie Marshall


Image: ‘Insecure’ Official Single Cover

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