Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Escape the ‘Metaverse’ for a Moment With a New Cage The Elephant Single

With the release of their sixth studio album ‘Neon Pill’ right around the corner, Cage The Elephant delights fans with new single ‘Metaverse’

This song brings in a nostalgic garage rock feel with a happier sound than what the lyrics might want to transmit. The instrumental lends itself perfectly to being played in the car during your commute to or from work, as you rush through your day wondering if the same routine you do every day is all there is to life. 

Taking a look at the lyrics, one can interpret that ‘Metaverse’ tells a tale from our modern age, a time in which technology that was supposed to connect and bring people together is actually isolating and making them lose track of what is out there, this is our “Metaverse fallout” as the very first line of the song goes.

The chorus is catchy, energetic and deep in meaning, reflecting on the distance between ourselves and life around us, the constant rush and the ultimate acceptance of the conditions in which we live: “Every day spent far from my family / Double check, checked out, I'm half asleep / What the hell? Oh, well, that's life / What the hell? I keep running and running”. 

Make sure to mark your calendars, the 12-track album ‘Neon Pill’  by Cage The Elephant is set to  be released on 17 May. If you loved ‘Metaverse’, you can listen to three other singles from the album, including ‘Neon Pills’, ‘Good Time’, and ‘Out Loud’

Sofia Gimenez


Image: ‘Neon Pill’ Official Album Cover

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