Monday, May 20, 2024

Dingo Dango Step Straight Into Grunge in Debut Single ‘Bad Luck Curse’

Alternative rock band Dingo Dango has released their debut single, ‘Bad Luck Curse’. A track that effortlessly infuses the essence of the 90s and mixes it with the aesthetic of grunge and garage rock of the early 2000s to craft a unique post-grunge track with dynamic twists and turns. 

Dingo Dango is the brainchild of members Henry Morris, Jack Jones, Leo Russ, and Grant Schroeder from Columbus, Ohio. The band plan to release their debut EP of the same name this year and have given listeners the perfect insight with ‘Bad Luck Curse’. 

‘Bad Luck Curse’ opens with brief melodic guitar strumming before exploding into a rich, immersive sound. Dingo Dango cleverly employs guitars laden with heavy distortion and reverb, which, combined with a prominent drumbeat, create a wave of sound that balances a glimmering melodic quality with a coarse, gritty atmosphere.

Henry Morris' vocals are mesmerizing, growing more intense and emotionally charged as ‘Bad Luck Curse’ progresses. He openly expresses his experiences of bad luck in life and relationships, as captured in the lyrics, “It’s just my bad luck curse, I feel so twisted when you smile”. 

Dingo Dango have crafted an ideal blend of grunge and garage rock in ‘Black Curse Luck,’ resulting in a track that is both rough-around-the-edges and polished, encapsulating their aesthetic perfectly. This song provides an excellent introduction to their creative capabilities and breathes new life into this style.


Ana Joy King


Image; ‘Bad Luck Curse’ Official Single Cover 

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