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You Always Have A ‘Lifeline’

Tom Walker, Scottish singer and songwriter, has released a new single ‘Lifeline’ in partnership with CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably), a UK based charity that fights for mental health awareness and suicide prevention. 

Tom’s upcoming album ‘I Am’ touches on many heavier topics, exploring different sides of his life, sharing with the listeners some of the struggles and joys that come with the dark and light of living.

On a social media post, Tom Walker shared that ‘Lifeline’ is a tribute to a friend he lost, he also commented on his wishes for the song: “My hope is that maybe by writing a song like this that addresses the stigma behind mental health, it might persuade people to think twice and ask for a helping hand when they’re really struggling”.

The lyrics of ‘Lifeline’ are powerful and hit very close for those that have lost a loved one, the chorus encompasses the feelings of guilt and grief that comes with a loss, Tom Walker expresses his regrets for the situation, even as it was out of his control: “I wish we could've saved you / I wish we could've helped you understand”

The line that follows reaches out, trying to ease the feeling of loneliness and shame that can come along with mental health issues: “Nobody would've blamed you / I wish you would've held on for a hand”. The post-chorus is written with the hopes of resonating with those who need to hear the words from someone, a reminder that they are never alone in their silent fight, “I wish you knew you had a lifeline”.

As shared on the music video, statistics show that one out of five people will have suicidal thoughts at some point of their life. Music can be a very powerful tool for mental health awareness, bringing attention to our struggles as humans and challenging the stigma around the topic. For many music fans, some of their favourite songs represent a safe place, bringing comfort and feelings of understanding & belonging.

The music video for ‘Lifeline’ ends with two messages written over the screen: “No matter how you are feeling, you are never alone” and “Things will get better, and you always have a lifeline”.

If you are in need of support, CALM offers a helpline and webchat from 5pm to midnight. Check out their website for more information about their work, as well as plenty of resources to help you navigate difficult times. 

Sofia Gimenez


Image: ‘I Am’ Official Album Cover

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