Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Vampire Weekend Pay Homage To New York On ‘Mary Boone’

Mary Boone’ is the latest single from Vampire Weekend’s new album ‘Only God Was Above Us’, which was released on Friday April 5th. The song is a great glimpse into the current sound of the band which has evolved since their first performances in New York in 2006. 

The song title and first line of the chorus alludes to Mary Boone, a famous art dealer who owned a gallery in Soho in 1980s New York City and was recently convicted of tax fraud. This reference pays homage to the New York City of the past, where the band formed and has a connection to, also providing a sense of nostalgia to the track for a bygone era.

The opening line “Painted white, new in town / You weren't hiring, but I was looking” depicts someone moving to New York without a job lined up, but still being optimistic and excited about the possibilities the big city could bring - a theme that continues to the end of the song. 

This song has a relatively slow tempo for a Vampire Weekend track, helping to evoke this feeling of nostalgia and a sense of reminiscing over one's youth. It has elements of layered choir vocals, energetic drum breaks, and lively strings throughout.

This incredible track hints at the old Vampire Weekend discography whilst adding a new perspective to the band's music. They have an upcoming tour named after their new album ‘Only God Was Above Us’ later this year, which surely will have new fans in attendance following this track’s release, as well as fans who have been around since the beginning.

Emily Bundock


Image: ‘Only God Was Above Us’ Official Album Cover

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