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Shiloh, Forever: Our Unparalleled Answer To Musical Late-Night Talks

Emerging, engaging and entertaining musician Matt Roers has recently released his new, perfectly crafted two-track EP. The dedication is glaringly obvious in both offerings, with the contemplative lyrics behaving wonderfully alongside a melody that will undoubtedly stand the test of time. 

Going by his stage name Shiloh, Forever (a name that his Spotify profile outlines is inspired by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor’s children’s book) the artist takes his gift very seriously and aims to provide his listeners with the confidence to believe in themselves and place morality at the top of their priority list. Encompassing everything it means to be an incredible person and talented musician, Shiloh, Forever produces music to resonate with all who listen, and encourages meditation found in the beauty of music.

The double-track release, entitled ‘The Man After Dark / La Lune’, opens with ‘The Man After Dark’, a uniquely-inspired song enhanced by its peaceful, thoughtful melody. The opening lyrics “Here, in the heart, there’s a man that’s after dark / I looked, I swear, but he just don’t care” are filled with emotion; from sadness to melancholy and intense longing, Shiloh, Forever really is setting the scene for a poignant and impassioned recording. It then shifts into a beautifully constructed instrumental section, with the guitar performing its relationship with the qualms and draws of night-time discussions. The frequent change in repetitive notes shows listeners the instability of life and therefore the importance of embracing it. He goes on to utilise his vocal range to enhance this feeling of possibility, of trusting oneself to push the boundaries of what initially seems possible. The higher pitch in “just take a seat and let them speak” symbolises the futility he sings about, whilst embracing the natural surroundings described in the song. 

The second track, titled ‘La Lune’, bears a certain similarity to its companion, but the meditative vibe is far greater. French for ‘The Moon’, the lyrics circulate the idea of the beauty and natural affinity we all have with the moon, and the association with purity and discreteness that it embodies. “If the sun has said goodnight/ We’ll meet again when the blue moon rise / La Lune” demonstrate this, utilising the moon as a symbol for togetherness and the memory of such when the reality is unattainable. It’s an incredible concept, the idea that a natural spectacle can bring people together, and the artist provides us with this connection so gracefully. The melody is calming, almost as if the musician is reaching out to each of our hands and holding them, reassuring us of the power that lies inward and encouraging a belief in that. 

It’s evident that Shiloh, Forever cares deeply for his fans; his music is always constructed with an immersive sense of love and self-empowerment. His new EP is no different, and offers us an admirable array of sincerity, purity and talent. 

Abby Tapping 


Image: ‘The Man After Dark/ La Lune’ Official EP Cover

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