Wednesday, April 03, 2024

Blusher Is Serving Hot And Magnetic In Their New Hyper-Pop Single ‘Accelerator’

There's no denying that the rising quirky electronic-pop trio Blusher is grabbing the attention of us and the world. 

Their second release of the year 'Accelerator' is the punchier and hazier dream wave bubbly hyper-pop fixation we've been waiting to sink our teeth into. It's the perfect song to come after 'Rave Angel' from earlier in the year - showing us that this girl group knows how to make a fizzy tune that brings an element that makes you feel alive. 

'Accelerator' is a hedonistic song about the intense rush of wanting to jump into intimacy with someone. The syncopated bass, bright and optimistic flirty synths, and ultra bouncy dance beat capture any listener into a trance of determination to make the flirtatious thoughts a reality. "Sometimes I feel like I wanna push down the accelerator / When I'm looking at you / Sometimes I feel like I wanna spark up like a detonator / When I'm looking at you". 

The instrumentation enhances the lyrics that have underlying meanings about the adrenaline rush, the high, of doing something extreme - similar to the feeling of wanting to dive head first with no hesitation, only desire for another. "I can tell you fell from heaven / I can see the halo in your hair / I've been makin' angels jealous /I'm the only one who gets to touch you there". It's the band's way of creating a siren song to pull lovers or love interests in. It is an encouraging anthem for listeners to explore what it means to be sexually empowered and openly share their wants and feel hot while doing so. 

When it comes to following what the heart wants and who it wants it with, the hyper-pop genre does it in a way that feels effortless, ultraviolet, feminine, cute, and sultry ("c*nty") in a no f*cks given way in a swirl of warming bass, vibrant synths, and bubblegum pop elements. It's addicting and fun; Blusher is making their sound, choreographed dance moves, quirky personalities, great style, and heavy electronic sonic influences and, of course, influences from music peers such as Peach PRC and Charli XCX to push them to newer heights. If any rising artist needs to be on your radar, playlist, or watchlist, this trio from Melbourne is undoubtedly breaking out of Australia and making the world their hyper-pop domain. 

Tyra Baker 


Image Source: ‘Accelerator’ Single Cover

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