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Tom Odell And His Band Live At Manchester’s O2 Apollo - Review

On 12th March 2024, fans flocked to Manchester's O2 Apollo, eager to bask in the angelic sounds of Tom Odell

The evening commenced with Tom alone on stage, his fingers dancing on the piano keys to the tune of ‘Answer The Phone’ setting an intimate atmosphere that would linger throughout the night. 

The setlist seamlessly blended old favourites and tracks from his latest album, ‘Black Friday’. During ‘Long Way Down’, Tom's solo performance on the piano seamlessly transitioned into an exhilarating ensemble with his band, igniting the crowd's energy and enthusiasm. Tom took a moment to introduce his band to the audience during ‘Hold Me’, encouraging everyone to join in and sing along. This resulted in a captivating moment of unity, with the entire venue coming together in song. It was undoubtedly one of the highlights of the show, as Tom stood on top of his piano, singing the words at the top of his lungs. His infectious energy and charisma making every audience member feel included and engaged. 

Tom surprised the crowd by inviting supporting act, Sofia Isella to join him on stage for a heartfelt rendition of ‘Butterflies’, accompanied by her violin. Despite the impromptu nature of their collaboration, their chemistry was undeniable, leaving the audience in awe of their talent and spontaneity. I find it so special when main acts take recognition of their opening acts, and involve them in their set. It's moments like these that elevate live performances, making them feel more inclusive, bridging the gap between the main act and the supporting artists.

After bidding farewell to the stage momentarily, awaiting the praise for an encore. Tom returned to the centre of the crowd, electrifying the atmosphere with his proximity and impassioned performance. The crowd was treated to an encore, lasting longer than your traditional 2-3 songs long. 

The crowd erupted with excitement during the performance of the beloved favourite, ‘Can't Pretend’, with dynamic lighting effects highlighting each member of the band as they delivered impressive solos and musical flourishes. Tom's soaring vocals held everyone captive, culminating in a mesmerising climax that left the audience spellbound.

The stage lighting was particularly noteworthy, adding an extra layer of depth and atmosphere to the performance, enhancing the overall experience for everyone in attendance. I absolutely adored how Tom chose to play with the stage lighting for this tour’s performances, floating between single streams over him & his piano, then alternating to the accompanying band members when joining.  As the show was nearing to an end, Tom treated the audience to a soul-stirring rendition of ‘Heal’, bringing out harmonious voices from every corner of the venue. It’s no guessing that he chose to conclude his set with 2013 sing-along hit ‘Another love’

Tom Odell's performance at the Manchester O2 Apollo was a captivating journey, marked by moments of intimacy, spontaneity, and sheer musical brilliance. His ability to connect with the audience on such a profound level ensured that each attendee left feeling not just entertained, but deeply moved. Like the audience had just been invited into his living room for an evening of singing along with your friends and family. 

Taylor Pettigrew
Image: ‘Black Friday’ Official Album Cover 

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